Add a Designated Partner

Rs 4,999.00. For Adding a new Director

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Process for Addition of Designated Partner

15 Days

  1. Documentation

    1 working day

    All the required documents for addition of the designated director are collected and assessed by our business advisor and process begins.

  2. Form Filing

    1 working Day

    Supplement LLP agreement is prepared by the appointed advisor and is to be signed by any one of the existing partners in the LLP firm to execute the change in the LLP along with form filing.

  3. Obtaining Approval

    2 to 3 Weeks

    To bring an effect to the addition following application must be filed with the ROC with duly signed Form. The addition of designated director must be with a certificate from CA or CS stating that the records found in the LLP are true and correct.

Add a Designated Partner Cost Breakdown

Consultation Free
Government Fee 100.00
DSC 1,000.00
DIN 1,000.00
Professional Fee 2,457.00
Goods and Service Tax 442.00
Total Cost 4,999.00

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Documents Required for Addition a Designated Partner


Photo of a designated partner

ID Proof

Government identity proof


DIN and DSC of the partner

LLP Agreement

LLP incorporation certificate

What do you get

Supplementary Agreement

Removal of designated director amounts to change in the existing LLP agreement and hence it is necessarily to record the said changes through obtaining approval on a supplementary LLP agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a designated partner?

A Designated partner is responsible for regulating and filing legal compliances on behalf of a Limited Liability Partnership.

Who can be a designated partner?

An individual above the age of 18 years or a body corporate can be appointed as a designated partner and at least one of the designated partner should be an Indian resident.

Can a foreign national be appointed as a designated partner?

Yes, a foreign national can be appointed as a designated partner in LLP.

Is there a restriction on the number of partners in an LLP?

A minimum of 2 partners is required to incorporate an LLP. There is no upper limit for the number of partners.