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Goods & Service Tax (GST) – A Knight Rider for Startups

GST means Goods and service tax, a single tax system for all the level of taxes whether central or state. substitutes VAT at state level and Service Tax and Excise at Central level by applying SGST and CGST.

03 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee

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5 Ways To Manage Your Startup

Startups are business entities in their formative years, with a prime focus on expansion and maintaining the pace at which it is presently running.The entrepreneurs mainly focus on ideas and measures which promotes a healthy work culture and professional

01 Nov 2016 by Lokesh Sharma

Never Register A Sole Proprietorship

All set to jump into the deep ocean of opportunities. The success of your journey is not in correlation with how well you dive into the ocean. Being a pro at diving is not prerequisite to explore the exotic depth of your lean revolution.
08 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

Puma Outruns Lingbao In The Rat Race – A Trademark Infringement Case Study

This mantra made PUMA victorious. The journey was not easy, nor was it meant to be. It took five long years for PUMA to make the world realise that it’s only them who can tame the Leopards. Visit
08 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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Puma Caught in Trademark Infringement Case

Adidas has been a pioneer of Stripes since six decades. It has been adorning Three parallel black stripes on its Sports wear, footwear and sports equipment, since then. To know more visit

08 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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The rise of the guns: Defence should be the backbone of the Make in India campaign

One of India’s most ambitious undertakings ‘The Make in India’ Campaign seems to be hitting it off big time for the defense sector which had been lying dormant due to decades of red tape and lack of innovation.

23 Mar 2017 by Ankan Bose

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How Trump’s new policy for H-1B visa may effect India more?

Trump is shortening the window for non-immigrants to save the sheds of his own citizen. Trump legacy is so confusing. He seems to be a big poker player.

28 Mar 2017 by Tejaswi Kumar Singh

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Salman Khan’s New Lean Startup “Beingsmart” To Compete In Smartphones Market

Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan is now all decked up to hook up with investors to launch BEINGSMART smartphones to compete in the smartphones market.

28 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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The Hospitality Industry Bubble You Never Noticed Until Now

But what happens when companies which are operating over decades; which are fed by pro giants like Matrix and Nexus bursts out completely in just, Three less than a Decade.

28 Mar 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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Pact With Blackberry And Apple- The Boosters for “Make in India” initiative

The initiate taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Make in India” to uplift the multi-national and national companies to fabricate their products in our country; once again turn out its achievement.

28 Mar 2017 by Kapila Tanwar


Commute..Work..Commute..Eat..Commute..Sleep..and then Repeat. Are you a part of the above clan? If yes, There is a new ‘SEWA’ to extricate your commuting ritual.
10 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

Steps to link your pan to Aadhaar

The Government is on the spree to make AADHAAR the aadhaar (base) for your identity.
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

The Taste of India: is not a frozen dessert!

I screamYou screamWe all scream for?Ice-CreamDuh, are you sure it is not a frozen dessert in disguise?This is exactly what Amul, propagated through its new TV advertisement.
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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CBDT allots PAN and TAN in 24 hours!

The ease of doing business in India, has taken new a dimension.Automation! Is the new catch phrase outlining the corporate culture in India.

19 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta