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In India, all the registered trademark are controlled by trademark authority. You can get the trademark data through the website of Quick Company or Comptroller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks. Trademark database provide the valuable information related to trademark.


Trademark data contains the details of the mark like the class, status and other details of the mark. This data is the public information which is available for everyone. You can get the trademark data by the following two ways:

  • Search data with the QuickCompany
  • Search data with the

Search trademark data with the QuickCompany

Step 1: Visit the site of the Quick company, drag the cursor on ‘TRADEMARKS’ and click on the ‘Trademark Search’ under the ‘TRADEMARKS’.



Step 2: Enter the desired mark in the dialogue box and click on the search icon.



Step 3: The search result will show the complete list of the trademarks started with the name you have entered in the dialogue box.



Step 4: Click on the mark you are looking for, and you will get the basic information of the same trademark.



Step 5: To get all the updates of the mark click on the ‘FOLLOW’ button.



Step 6: To receive all the information and updates of the company, sign up either from the Facebook account or Google Plus account.


Way 2: Search trademark data with the

The first step in searching a trademark data through online mode by visiting the website of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

Following steps need to be followed to get the trademark data:-

Step 1: Visit the website of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks



Step 2: Once the site opens look for the search bar where the user enters the type of search concerning him/ her



Step 3: In the “search Type” tab select the suitable option.

The ‘Search Type’ tab has the following three options. It is required to select one of the three options mentioned on the site before proceeding further.

  • Wordmark- This category is used for similar representation of wordmark.
  • Vienna Code- This category is used for performing a search for similar device marks.
  • Phonetic- This category is used for similar phonetic words



Step 4: Enter the Wordmark and Class (45 Trademark classes) of the trademark you want the data for.



Step 5: The search result will show the matching marks in tabular form along with the basic information like status, class, application number of the mark.



Step 6: In case Trademark is not found.

Now if the search query yields a result displaying “no match found” then there arises two possibilities:-

  1. Absence of the registered trademark
  2. The applied trademark does not exist in the database.


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