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Trademark Basics

Explains the Complete process for Trademarks in India

Trademark Cost

Learn more on how much it costs to register a trademark in India

Trademark Classes

Learn more about trademark classes and which one is the right fit for you. We have covered the details so that you don’t have to.

Trademark Status

Learn more about the trademark process and how you can check yours after filing for one. We have covered everything you need to know.

Trademark Offices

Detailed List of Trademark Offices in India

Trademark Objection

Learn more about trademark objection and how to proceed if your mark has been objected

Trademark Renewals

Learn more about the trademark renewal process in India

Trademark Restoration

Explains the Complete process for Trademark Restoration in India

Trademark Rectification

Learn more about trademark rectification and how to file yours

Trademark Assignment

Explains the Complete process for Trademarks Assignment in India

Legal Advice

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