Company Address Change(Outside)

Rs 24,999.00. for Company Address Change(Outside State / ROC)

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Outside Address Change Process

25 Days

  1. Consultation

    1 Working Day

    A business advisor will be appointed and you will be required to send in set of information about your company and provide them with set of documents necessary for completing the process with the ROC.

  2. Documentation

    2 to 3 Working Days

    All the necessary documents such as altered MOA and AOA, special resolution and recorded votes in the general meeting are prepared by are professionals to be filed along the application.

  3. Application Filing

    1 Working Day

    Once all the documents are prepare the Forms MGT-14 and INC-23 are filed with the concerned ROC.

  4. Approval

    2 to 3 Weeks

    Once the company has filed an application with the ROC, it needs to obtain approval from the regulatory authority as well for change in the registered office. Such relevant regulatory authority are SEBI and RBI.


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Other Fee 24,999.00
Total Cost 24,999.00

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Documents Required for Compliance

Borad Resolution

Proof of Premises

Utility bill of the new address and NOC for the registered office address

What do you get


Copy of public notice



Financial Statement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a company change its registered office?

Yes, a company can change its registered office simply by passing special resolution and posting advertisement in newspaper proposing the change.

What records should be maintained at the registered office of the company?

All the books of account shall be kept at the registered office of the company.

Can residence of director act as a registered office?

Yes, residence of director can act as a register office in case of company or an LLP.

Can register office be situated outside India?

No, registered office cannot operate or be situated outside India.

Is consent of regional director in order to change the address of the company?

Yes, we need the consent of regional director when there is change in the ROC i.e. when you are changing the company regional director from one state to another. But in certain states the like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra if you change the address within the state there might be change in ROC and hence ROC approval will be required.

When should the ROC be informed about the address change in the registered office?

Change in the registered office to ROC must be informed within 30 days of the change along with all the relevant documents.

Does the process of registered office change remains same?

The process of change in the registered office will depend on the nature of change in the address of the company. The change is mainly classified as three types:

  • Change of registered office within the same city
  • Change of registered office of the company from one ROC to Jurisdiction of another ROC.
  • Change of registered office within the same jurisdiction.

What is the process of recording change in the registered office?

The company changing the registered office from one state to another will have to seek permission from the central government in order to make the change effective. The company will have to file form INC-23 and MGT-14 that must include altered MOA and copy of resolution. Once the application is filed with ROC you are required to advertise the change in atleast 2 national newspaper.

Is special resolution necessary?

Yes, a special resolution is necessary when changing the registered office of the company from one state to another but if the address change is within the same state and there is no change in the jurisdiction of the ROC, special resolution is not required.