Form 1 LLP: forms

Filing Form 1 is the third foremost step to register an LLP which is compulsory to file with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). After obtaining the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and DIN (Director Identification Number), every LLP needs to get approval for its name.

What is Form-1

After getting the DSC and DIN, application for reservation of name or change in the name is filed in form 1 with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) by the LLP, in accordance with the section 71 of Limited Liability Partnership Act and Rule 18(5) of Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009. The e-form contains the six proposed names of LLP in preference with keeping in mind the LLP naming guidelines. Form 1 is to be digitally signed by one of the designated partners.


Contents of Form- 1


Part A- Reservation of name


  • Details and occupation of applicant
  • Details of two proposed Designated Partners
  • In which state the registered office of the proposed LLP is to be situated
  • Name of the ROC in which the proposed LLP is to be registered
  • Application is for conversion of a business entity into LLP- Yes/No
  • Description of proposed business activity
  • Proposed monetary value of partner's contribution


Part B- In case of change of name

  • LLPIN (Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number)
  • Name and address of the LLP
  • E-mail ID of the LLP
  • Whether change in name is due to change in business of the LLP (mention the new business/reason for change of name)
  • Whether change in name is - based on the procedure laid down in the LLP agreement/ with consent of requisite partners/ based on the direction from Central Government


Part C- Details regarding reservation of name or change of existing name of LLP

  • Proposed name of the LLP (6 names in order of preference)
  • State the significance of the key or coined word(s), if any, in the proposed name(s) (in brief)
  • Whether the proposed names are based on a registered trademark or is the subject matter of an application pending for registration under the trademarks Act



  • In case of change of name of an existing limited liability partnership, certified copy of extracts of relevant LLP agreement/certified copy of decision/consent of requisite partners
  • Copy of Trade Mark Registration/ acknowledgement of application for Trade Mark Registration/ authorization to use Trade Mark
  • If change is due to a direction received from the CG (Central Government), then a copy of such direction
  • Copy of approval from the competent authority in case of collaboration and connection with the foreign country or place
  • Copy of Board resolution of the existing company or consent of existing LLP as a proof of no objection
  • Copy of approval from Central Government as a proof of no objection


Filing Fees for Form 1


Application for reservation of name in form 1 must be filed with the prescribed fee to the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) with 6 proposed names.




Upto Rs.100000


More than Rs.100000



Once the name is approved, it will be reserved for 3 months from the date of receipt of allotment letter.



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