Form AOC-4: forms

Every company required to file the particulars of balance sheet and profit and loss account in form AOC-4 every yearwithin 6 months from the closure of the financial year.

What is Form AOC-4?

Every company registered in India as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 mandatorily required to file the financial statements and other necessary documents with the Registrar in the prescribed form AOC-4. This form contains the balance sheet, profit & loss Account, related party transactions details with the auditor’s report. For the OPC only the financial statement does not include the CFS (Cash Flow Statement). Hence, no need to prepare cash flow statement for the purpose of filing the annual accounts.

Though a One Person Company allows an individual shareholder to operate the corporate entity, it’s his sole responsibility to file the financial statements. For other business entities directors are responsible to file the annual form.


Contents of Form AOC-4

SEGMENT-I: Information and Particulars of Balance Sheet

  • General information of the company
  • Detailed Balance Sheet items
  • Financial parameters
  • Share capital raised during the reporting period
  • Details of cost records and cost audit


SEGMENT-II: Information and Particulars of Profit and Loss Account

  • Statement of Profit and Loss
  • Detailed Profit and Loss items
  • Financial parameters
  • Details of principal products or services of the company


SEGMENT-III: Reporting of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Applicability of CSR as per section 135
  • Average net profit of the company (last three financial year)
  • Prescribed CSR expenditure
  • Manner and amount spent on CSR during the financial year
  • Details of implementing agencies
  • Explanation for not spending
  • A statement of the CSR Committee on the implementation and monitoring of CSR policy is enclosed to the Board’s Report


SEGMENT IV: Disclosure about related party transactions

  • Number of contracts not at arm’s length basis
  • Number of material contracts at arm’s length basis


SEGMENT V: Auditors’ report

  • Comments of CAG (Comptroller and Auditor-General) on audit report under section 143 of the Companies Act, 2013
  • Remarks made by auditors and applicability of CARO


SEGMENT VI: Miscellaneous

  • Applicability of secretarial audit
  • Whether detailed disclosures with respect to directors’ report under section 134(3) is attached



  • Copy of financial statements duly authenticated as per section 134 (including Board’s report, auditors’ report and other documents)
  • Company CSR policy according to Section 135(4)
  • Details of other entity
  • Details of remaining CSR activities
  • Optional attachments-if any


Due date for filing form AOC-4

All the companies registered with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) under an obligation to file the financial statements (for OPC except cash flow statement) within 180 days or 6 months from the closure of the financial year along with all the necessary documents. Form should be digitally signed by the one director alone.

However, for the first annual filing of a newly incorporated company the due date for filing AOC-4 is 30th December of the next year from the date of incorporation.


Fees for the Form AOC-4

Nominal Share Capital

Fees Per Document

Less than Rs.1,00,000


Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.4,99,999


Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.24,99,999


Rs.25,00,000 to Rs.99,99,999


Rs.1,00,00,000 or more



Penalty for non filing of Form AOC-4

Delayed Period


Up to 30 days

2 times of fees

30-60 days

4 times of fees

60-90 days

6 times of fees

90-180 days

10 times of fees

More than 180 days

12 times of fees


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