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Documents Required for Converting a Partnership to an LLP


Converting a Partnership to an LLP requires 4 Simple Documents

3 Years ITR
Balance Sheet of the Company
Partnership Agreement
VAT/Service Tax Registration Number

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Converting a Partnership to LLP Information

Partnership to LLP

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) are better compared to a typical partnership when it comes to running a business. Regular partnerships come with the risk of unlimited liability in comparison to an LLP which offers limited liability. Moreover, an LLP does not have to abide by the excessive regulations contained within the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and offers tax benefits, no audit requirements until your business hits a certain threshold and no cap when it comes to the number of partners or capital contribution requirements.

Procedure to convert a partnership to an LLP

1-5 Working Days

One of the directors has to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) which is required for filing the company registration documents. You will be required to provide us with a few scanned documents and details; following which, our representatives will fill in the required forms and submit it online.


As soon as the DSC has been applied for, we will get in touch with asking you to pick a name for your company along with a few scanned documents regarding the company and its directors. Once we receive the documents, we will file SPICe i.e. INC-32 along with the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). After the process has been completed, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation.

20-30 Days

Every company requires a registered Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Account Number (TAN) For this; you would need to provide us with hard copies of required documents and we will file the application online. We will send your PAN and TAN within 21 working days via courier to your registered office.


Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money minus the Government fees. No questions asked


How long does it take?

Application FILING
1-3 Working Days
We check your Documents and file the required forms with Registrar of Companies
Process Completion
20-35 Days
Once the Application is filed with the Registrar of Companies the partnership gets converted to LLP

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