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Cost of Registering a Copyright

Starting @3,499.00, No hidden charges.

Time Taken

Apply Copyright in just 3-6 Days.
Time Taken

Documents required

List of Documents / IDs for registration

How much does it cost?

Music/Sound Recording
Rs.3499/-All Inclusive
Rs.3499/-All Inclusive
Computer Softwares
Rs.3999/-All Inclusive
Cinematograph Film
Rs.8499/-All Inclusive

Documents Required

Thumb info sheet

  • Info Sheet
Thumb id proof

  • PAN Card

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How long does it take?


    Form Filing


    Documents Submission


Frequently Asked Questions

What is copyright?

Copyright is a bundle of rights given to the creators which ensure the protection of their work.

What are the benefits of copyright registration?

  • To serve as a prima facie evidence in court in case of infringement.
  • To make the assignment of registered work easier
  • To get the benefit of statutory damages and attorney’s fees

Is copyright registration mandatory?

Registration of copyright is not mandatory but advisable for the protection of the work.

What type of works is eligible to get protection under copyright?

  • Literary work
  • Dramatic work including tunes
  • Musical work including lyrics
  • Cinematographic films
  • Architectural work
  • Sound recording
  • Picture, graphics and sculpture