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Get your Design registered online from anywhere in India. Submit the required documents and information; our representative will assist you with the whole registration process

  Design Registration Status

Our representative will check the Design application status online and update you at every step

  Documents required for Design Registration

List of documents needed for Design registration in India. Only the scanned copies of the documents are required

  Time taken for Design Registration

15-20 days will take for Design registration in India subject to receipt of the documents and government approvals


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Design Registration Cost

Government Fee Rs 1,000
Professional Fee Rs 4,236
Goods & Service Tax Rs 763
Total Cost Rs 5,999
Government Fee Rs 2,000
Professional Fee Rs 4,236
Goods & Service Tax Rs 763
Total Cost Rs 6,999
Government Fee Rs 4,000
Professional Fee Rs 5,084
Goods & Service Tax Rs 915
Total Cost Rs 9,999

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Documents Required for Design Registration

Icon power attorney

Power of Attorney

Executed on Rs.100 Non-Judicial stamp paper and duly signed by the applicant to authorise us to file an application on their behalf

Icon acknowledgement

Info Sheet

Details of the work to be copyrighted

Icon board resolution

Copy of Design

A soft copy of the Article/Drawing/Sketches to be registered

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What do you get?

Icon acknowledgement


An acknowledgement slip with payment details


Design Registration Process



    Our attorney will assist you in preparing an application on behalf of the customers based on the design you want to register. We can proceed the registration process on the payment for design registration and provide the required documents. On receipt of the information, we will send you an authorisation letter which must be duly signed by the applicant and return to us which give authorisation to our representative to file an application on behalf of the customer.



    On receipt of the duly signed authorisation letter, our attorney will file the design registration application along with the required documents to the government within five to seven working days. A preview of the application is sent to the customer before filing for confirmation if demand by the client. On successful completion of the design application filing, we will provide you with a design number and a copy of application has been sent to the customer for signing which will sent to the department later.



    Once the application is filed with the government, the examiner starts processing the application. Our representative will update you the status of the application time to time. You can track the application status on your own through the design number. During the processing period, the government may raise an objection. You need to file a reply in order to approve the application.

    In case of no objection, the government approved the design application and sent the extracts to the applicant.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is design?

The design is the features of shape, pattern, ornament, configuration, the composition of colours & lines applied to an article. It can be in two dimensions or three dimensions or in both forms.

Why is it important to register the design?

  • To give protection to the new and original design created
  • To reward the creator of the design
  • To serve as a prima facie evidence in court in case of infringement
  • To sell/ transfer the design with ease

What is the validity period of design registration?

The following persons can act as an applicant to register a design:

  • Any person who is claiming to be the proprietor of a design can file an application for design registration.
  • In case of assignment, the assignee either separately or jointly can apply for design registration.
  • In case of NRI's application, his agent or legal representative who is residing in India can apply for design registration.

What is the date of registration?

In general cases, the date of filing of application is considered as the date of registration. While in case of registration of design with priority, the date of filing an application in the reciprocal country will be considered as the date of design registration.

What points should be kept in mind while making a design?

  • Design must be new and original
  • Design should not have obscene, controversial or offending content
  • Design should not be published anywhere
  • Design must not be similar to the existing designs

Is registration of design compulsory?

Design registration is not mandatory, but it is advisable to register for the protection of the design.

In what circumstances the registration of design can be cancelled?

As per section 19 or the Design Act, 2000 the design registration can be cancelled on the following grounds:

  • The design is not new or original
  • If design contains the obscene or scandalous matter
  • If it has been previously registered in India
  • The design has been published in India or any other country before the date of registration
  • If the design not distinguishable with the existing known designs

What is the right time to file for a Design registration?

For Design registration first to file principle is applicable in India. It is advisable to file the application as soon as possible in order to obtain the rights associated with the design registration which will be lies with the first person to register the design.

How one can know whether the particular design registered or not?

A request should be made to the Patent Office in order to ascertain the registration status of the design. If you know the design number then make a request in Form-6 otherwise in Form-7 along with the prescribed fee

Are all the designs can register under the act?

Except for functional designs, all the other designs can be registered under the Design Act.

Is it possible to transfer the ownership or design?

You can transfer the right of ownership or design through

  • Assignment
  • License Agreement
  • Transmission

How to transfer the right of the design ownership?

An application in Form-10 has to be made to the Controller along with the prescribed fee. Additional fees have to be paid for each additional design. A notarized copy of transfer agreement is required to be enclosed with the application within six months from the date of execution of transfer agreement.

Which designs are excluded from the definition of design?

  • Stamps, tokens, labels, cards, medals
  • Emblems, flags or any sign of any country
  • Buildings and structures
  • Parts of articles not sold separately
  • Merely a change in colour or size of the existing articles
  • Design of purely artistic nature including sculpture, painting, embroidery, architecture, engraving, photography etc.
  • Mere mechanical contrivance
  • Variations commonly used in the trade
  • Layout designs of integrated circuits
  • Mere workshop alterations of the components of an assembly
  • Books, jackets, calendars, certificates, dressmaking patterns, forms or any other documents

Is restoration of lapsed design is possible?

Yes, it is possible to restore the design provided a request has to be made in prescribed manner and fee within one year from the date the design registration has lapsed.

Can the details in the design registration be altered?

You can change the name or address of the proprietor/service in the register of design by filing the application in Form-22 along with the prescribed fee and supportive documents. Provided such modification is not made by way of change of design ownership through assignment or transmission or license agreement.