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DIN 00018740
DSC Registered Yes
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Mehta Jahan Numazar


The Bengal Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

CIN: U67120WB1893NPL000761

Oval Developers Private Limited

CIN: U70101WB2005PTC103517

Impressive Commerce Pvt.Ltd.

CIN: U51109WB1996PTC080822

Selvel Advertising Private Limited

CIN: U74300WB1970PTC027767

Encyclo Media Global Creative Llp

CIN: AAK-6181

Field Sport Player Management Private Limited

CIN: U74300MH2010PTC206576

Jashan Resources Pvt Ltd

CIN: U65910WB1976PTC030531

Industrial Paints Mfg Co (India) Pvt Ltd

CIN: U45402WB1972PTC028560

Pmg Sports Llp

CIN: AAT-5583

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