Director Information

DIN 00365727
DSC Registered Yes

Coco Tufters Private Limited

CIN: U17226KL2005PTC018026

Associated Cottage Industries And Shippers Union

CIN: U91200KL1939NPL000034

Ninans Private Ltd

CIN: U01132KL1958PTC001767

Neroth Plantations Pvt Ltd

CIN: U01119KL1959PTC001829

N C John And Sons Private Limited

CIN: U17239KL1943PTC000784

Neroth Oil Mills Co Private Ltd

CIN: U15143KL1949PTC000808

Ncn Ventures Private Limited

CIN: U40108KL2013PTC034341

Alleppey Backwater Resorts Private Limited

CIN: U55102KL1991PTC006013

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