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Service Tax Registration Cost

Price: Rs 2,999.00
Inclusive of all taxes & govt. fees

How long does it take?

1-2 Working Days
We check your Documents and file your Application with the Government and email you the government receipt
2-3 Working Days
We check the inspection of the application with the government and send you the Service Tax Number & Certificate in 10-20 Days

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What is Service Tax?

Service Tax is a tax which is applicable on Services.It is a tax levied on the transaction of certain services specified by the Central Government

Who is liable to pay service tax?

A person who provides the taxable service on receipt of service charges is responsible for paying the Service Tax to the Government

What is meant by "value of taxable service"?

The taxable service means the gross amount received by the service provider for the taxable service provided or to be provided by him 

Will the services provided by taxable restaurant in other parts of the hotel e.g. swimming pool, or an open area attached to a restaurant be also liable to Service Tax?

The taxable services provided by a restaurant in other parts of the hotel e.g. swimming pool, or an open area attached to the restaurant are also liable to Service Tax as these areas become extensions of the restaurant

Is the serving of food and/or beverages by way of room service liable to service tax?

When the food is served in the room, service tax cannot be charged under the restaurant service as the service is not provided in the premises of the air-conditioned restaurant with a licence to serve liquor. Also, the same cannot be charged under the Short Term Accommodation head if the bill for the food will be raised separately and it does not form part of the declared tariff.

What does the word "person" appearing in the definition of taxable service mean?

The word "Person" shall include any company or association or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not. Thus, this expression includes any individual, HUF, proprietary firm or partnership firm, company, trust, institution, society etc.

Is the value added tax imposed by stated required to be included for the purpose of service tax

For the purpose of service tax, State Value Added Tax (VAT) has to be excluded from the taxable value.

Is PAN allotted by the Income Tax Department a must for obtaining Service Tax Registration?

Having PAN is essential because the Service Tax Code/Registration number is generated based on the PAN issued by the Income Tax Department

Can service tax be paid by cheque?

Yes, service tax can be deposited by cheque.

What are the penal consequences if the Service Tax is not paid or paid late?

If a person who is liable to pay Service Tax fails to pay service tax, he shall pay in addition to such tax and interest, a penalty which shall not be less than Rs.100/- for every day during which such failure continues or @1% of such tax per month, whichever is higher

What is e-filing of Service Tax Returns?

The e-filing is a facility for electronic filing of Service Tax Returns through the Internet.

Why Service Tax registration is necessary?

Registration is identification of an assessee. Identification is necessary to deposit service tax, file returns and undertake various processes ordained by law relating to service tax. Failure to obtain registration would attract penalty



  • PAN Card
  • Identity Proof (Election ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
  • Address Proof
  • Cancelled Cheque of the Bank Account
  • Name of Firm


  • PAN Card of Company
  • Identity Proof (Election ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Address Proof
  • MOA and AOA
  • Cancelled Cheque of the Bank Account


  • PAN Card
  • Partnership Deed
  • Identity Proof (Election ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Cancelled Cheque of the Bank Account
  • Address Proof

Important Points on Service Tax Registration

Exemption on Exports
Export Services are exempted from paying Service Tax.Therefore Service Tax is applicable to the service provided in India
Service Tax Registration
Service Tax is must for a person who provides taxable service of value exceeding 9 Lakhs in a year.Failure of which results in a penalty
Legal Protection
Once the Service Tax number gets generated the owner has the legal protection from getting penalized and other consequences


We take all your burden,paperwork and Government responsibilities to help you to get your Service Tax Number