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Cost for Assigning Trademark

starting @5,999.00, No hidden charges.
Price Breakdown

Time Taken

Transfer you proprietorship in just 5-7 Days.
Time Taken

Documents required

List of Documents / IDs for registration
Assignment Documents

Trademark Assignment Cost



Rs 5,999

If you transfer within 6 months from the date of acquisition of proprietorship


Rs 8,499

If you transfer after 6 months but before 12 months from the date of acquisition of proprietorship


Rs 10,999

If you transfer after 12 months from the date of acquisition of proprietorship

Cost Breakdown

Government Fee Rs. 5000*
Professional Fees Rs 847
Goods & Service Tax Rs 152
Total Cost Rs 5,999
* If transferred within 6 months of filing.
After 6 months till 12 months Rs.7,500 and Rs.10,000 after that.
Money back guarantee r

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money minus the Government fees. No questions asked.


Documents Required

Thumb trademark deed

  • Trademark Deed
Thumb power of attorney

  • Power Of Attorney

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How long does it take?


    Drafting of Deed


    Assignment Filing


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trademark Assignment?

Trademark Assignment is a process of transferring the ownership and proprietary rights of the trademark with or without the goodwill of the business.

Are Trademark Assignment and Trademark Transmission same?

Yes, assignment and transmission both refer to the transfer of ownership of the trademark.

Can a trademark be registered in the name of more than one applicant?

Indian law authorizes a trademark which can be owned jointly by multiple applicants.

Can a Trademark be assigned before its registration?

Yes, the ownership of the trademark can be transferred during the examination of the trademark application.

Is there any restriction on the Assignment of Trademark?

Trademark cannot be assigned if the exclusive rights of the trademark vests in more than one person.

What is the difference between Complete and Partial Assignment of Trademark?

In complete assignment, all the rights vested in a trademark including the right for further assignment are granted; whereas in partial assignment, there are certain restrictions on the transfer of ownership.