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Trademark Renewal Cost



Rs 14,999

If you renew your trademark before the expiration of the trademark


Rs 10,499

If you renew within 6 months of the date of expiration of your trademark


Rs 23,999

If you renew after 12 months of the date of expiration of your trademark

Cost Breakdown

Government Fee Rs. 9000
Surcharge Rs. 0*
Restoration Rs. 0*
Professional Fees Rs 1270
Goods & Service Tax Rs 229
Total Cost Rs 10,499
* Rs.4500 surcharge is applicable if renewed after the expiration of trademark.
Rs.9000 to be charged towards the restoration of a trademark if renewed after 6 months of expiration.
Money back guarantee r

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money minus the Government fees. No questions asked.


Documents Required

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  • Power Of Attorney

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Frequently Asked Questions

When renewal of trademark is required?

A Trademark is valid for 10 years. The same needs to be renewed in every 10 years.

Can a Trademark be restored after its removal from the register?

Yes, the registrar has the power to restore the trademark on filing an application along with the prescribed fee.

What are the consequences for non-renewal of the Trademark within the time limit?

The trademark would be removed from the register, if not renewed within 12 months of the date of its expiration.

How long does it take to get my Trademark renewed?

You can get your Trademark renewed in just 3-4 Days.

If a trademark is not renewed within due time and another company registers the same. Can the original owner oppose the registration?

No, the original owner cannot oppose the registration of the trademark on the grounds of non-renewal.

Can a trademark be removed on the ground of non-use? 

A trademark can be removed on the basis of non-use if it is not used for a continuous period of 5 years from the registration or not used for the period of 3 months before the date of application for removal.