As on 19 July 2019

Byd is a Device Trademark filed on 22 December 2006 in State not specified through Delhi IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to M/S.Byd Company Limited,Body Incorporate .

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Byd trademark


Application ID 1520165
Status Registered
Date of Application 22 December 2006
Class(es) 37 , 9 , 12
Type Device
Registration State State Not Specified
Country China
Published Trademark Journal 1422
Details Building Construction Supervision; Factory Construction; Mining Extraction; Heating Equipment Installation And Repair; Electric Appliance Installation And Repair; Motor Vehicle Maintenance And Repair; Maintenance(Vehicle ) ; Vehicle Repair; Vehicle Service Stations; Shipbuilding; Rustproofing; Retreading Of Tires ; Tires(Retreading Of ); Vehicle Lubrication ; Greasing (Vehicle); Polishing (Vehicle ) ; Anti Rust Treatment For Vehicles; Vehicle Polishing; Upholstering; Machinery Installation, Maintenance And Repair; Tyres (Vulcanization Of ) ; Vulcanization Of Tires (Tyres)(Repair); Leather Care, Cleaning And Repair; Computer Hardware (Installation, Maintenance And Repair Of ); Vehicle Wash; Vehicle Cleaning ; Car Wash ; Mater Vehicle Wash; Computers ; Computer Software ; Vehicles (Navigation Apparatus For ) ; Navigation Apparatus For Vehicles(On Board Computers); Portable Telephones; Integrated Circuits; Semiconductor Apparatus; Accumulators, Electric, For Vehicles ; Batteries, Electric, For Vehicles; Battery Chargers ; Charges For Electric Batteries; Batteries, Electric; Accumulators, Electric; Solar Batteries; Signal Lanterns; Flashing Lights(Luminous Signals) ; Road Signs, Luminous Or Mechanical; Warning Triangles(Vehicle Breakdown ); Radios (Vehicle ) ; Vehicle Radios; Semi Conductors; Cameras ; Pressure In Vehicle Tires (Automatic Indicators Of Low ) ; Tires (Automatic Indicators Of Law Pressure In Vehicle ); Steering Apparatus, Automatic, For Vehicles; Electricity Mains (Material For ) ; Printed Circuits; Fuel Pumps(Self Regulating ); Self Regulating Fuel Pumps; Electric Vehicles; Motor Cars; Automobiles; Cars; Vehicle Wheels; Vehicle Wheel Tires ; Wheels For Bicycles, Cycles; Motors For Land Vehicles; Engines For Land Vehicles; Gearing For Land Vehicles; Motors, Electric, For Land Vehicles; Automobile Bodies; Motorcycles; Bicycles; Aeroplanes; Boats; Ships; Baby Carriages; Prams ; Hand Cars; Wheelbarrows; Tyres For Vehicle Wheels; Automobile Tires ; Steering Wheels For Vehicles; Repair Outfits For Inner Tubes; Direction Signals For Vehicles; Turn Signals For Vehicles; Anti Theft Devices For Vehicles; Luggage Carriers For Vehicles; Vehicles For Locomotion By Land, Air, Water Or Rail; Funiculars; Cable Cars; Upholstery For Vehicles;

Trademark Proprietor

M/s.byd Company Limited,

Trademark Attorney

Ace Attorneys

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What is the trademark's application date?

Trademark was applied on 22 December 2006 with IP India.

Who applied for the trademark?

Proprietor of Byd is M/S.Byd Company Limited,Body Incorporate.

What is the class of the trademark application?

Class(es) in which the trademark was applied to is 37, 9, 12.

On what stage is the trademark application?

Status of Byd is Registered.

What is the application number allotted to trademark?

Application number alloted to the trademark is 1520165.

What is the name of trademark attorney for Byd?

Ace Attorneys is the Trademark agent/attorney.

In which category has the Trademark been filed/registered?

Trademark has been filed in the following category:

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Trademark Registration

Rs 6,299/-
Trademark Registration