Don Quijote (Device In Katakana)

As on 27 July 2019

Don Quijote (Device In Katakana) is a Device Trademark filed on 04 May 2017 in Delhi through Delhi IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to Don Quijote Holdings Co., Ltd.Body Incorporate .

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Don Quijote (Device In Katakana) trademark


Application ID 3541861
Status Registered
Date of Application 04 May 2017
Class(es) 35
Type Device
Registration State Delhi
Country Japan
Published Trademark Journal 1804
Details Retail Services; On Line Retail Services; Retail Services Provided By Department Stores; Retail Services Provided By On Line Department Stores; Commercial Intermediation Services; Information, Advisory And Consultancy Services Relating To Commercial Intermediation Services; Dissemination Of Advertising Material On Line; Commercial Information And Advice For Consumers .

Trademark Proprietor

Don Quijote Holdings Co.,

Trademark Attorney

Archer & Angel


Status changed from Accepted & Advertised to Registered

6 months ago

Agent Authorized to Act on Behalf of the Proprietor

over 2 years ago | Power Of Attorney

Trademark Application Filed

over 2 years ago | TM-A

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When was the trademark applied?

The application for Don quijote (device in katakana) was made on 04 May 2017.

Who is the applicant for Don quijote (device in katakana)?

The trademark applicant for Don quijote (device in katakana) is Don Quijote Holdings Co., Ltd.Body Incorporate.

In what class is the trademark applied to?

Don quijote (device in katakana) is applied in class(es) 35.

What is the status of the trademark application?

Application for Don quijote (device in katakana) is on Registered stage.

What is the application ID of the trademark?

Application Id allotted to Don quijote (device in katakana) is 3541861.

Who is the trademark agent or attorney?

Trademark agent or attorney for the application is Archer & Angel.

What is the type of trademark application?

Don quijote (device in katakana) filed with the Intellectual property office as a DEVICE.

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