As on 29 July 2019

Vagabond is a Device Trademark filed on 26 February 2019 in State not specified through Ir Division IP Office.

The Trademark was .

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Vagabond trademark


Application ID 4166750
Status Marked for Exam
Date of Application 26 February 2019
Class(es) 18 , 25
Type Device
Registration State State Not Specified
Country European Union
Published Trademark Journal 0
Details Bags; Attaché Cases; Backpacks; Card Cases; Hand Bags; Hunting Bags; Briefcases; Shopping Bags; Purses; Beach Bags; School Bags; Bands Of Leather; Travelling Bags; Suitcases; Trunks; Umbrellas, Parasols And Walking Sticks; Leather And Leather Imitations; Saddlery. Clothing, Footwear, Headgear; Pants; Shorts; Shirts; T Shirts; Pullovers; Jerseys; Sweat Shirts; Sweat Pants; Underwear; Sports Bras; Dresses; Skirts; Jackets; Coats; Socks; Gloves; Belts For Clothing; Hosiery; Tights; Vests; Hoods; Scarves; Soles For Footwear.

Trademark Proprietor

Vagabond Skor Varberg Ab

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When was the trademark applied?

The application for Vagabond was made on 26 February 2019.

Who is the applicant for Vagabond?

The trademark applicant for Vagabond is Vagabond Skor Varberg Ab Body Incorporate.

In what class is the trademark applied to?

Vagabond is applied in class(es) 18, 25.

What is the status of the trademark application?

Application for Vagabond is on Marked for Exam stage.

What is the application ID of the trademark?

Application Id allotted to Vagabond is 4166750.

What is the type of trademark application?

Vagabond filed with the Intellectual property office as a DEVICE.

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TM Status

Marked for Exam

Trademark Registration

Rs 6,299/-
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