Torc On

As on 13 October 2019

Torc On is a Word Trademark filed on 18 July 2019 in Maharashtra through Mumbai IP Office.

The Trademark was .


Application ID 4238305
Status Accepted & Advertised
Date of Application 18 July 2019
Class(es) 35
Type Word
Registration State Maharashtra
Country India
Details Advertising; Business Management; Business Administration; Office Functions And Trading Of Hand Tools And Implements ( Hand Operated), Cutlery, Side Arms, Razors.

Trademark Proprietor

Torcstar Bolting Tools Single Firm

Trademark Attorney

Vinayak Waidande


Status changed from Marked for Exam to Accepted & Advertised

4 months ago

Trademark Application Filed

6 months ago | TM-A | Download

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What is the application date as per IP India website?

As per IP India data the trademark was applied on 18 July 2019.

Who has filed the trademark application with the TMO?

Torcstar Bolting Tools Pvt. Ltd Single Firm applied for Torc on.

What is the listed class of the Torc on with IP India?

Listed class of trademark Torc on is 35.

As per IP india what is the stage of trademark application?

Torc on is on the Accepted & Advertised stage of the trademark process.

What is the Serial number provided by the trademark data?

Serial Number provided to trademark application is 4238305

Who filed the trademark on behalf of the proprietor?

Trademark application was filed by the following attorney agent:
Vinayak Waidande

How is the Torc on categorized?

The trademark is categorized as WORD.

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TM Status

Accepted & Advertised

Trademark Registration

Rs 5,999/-
Trademark Registration