Form TM-A: forms

TM-A form is filed to register a trademark for specification of goods or services which are included in one class. This excludes a collective or a certification trademark.

Purpose of Filing Form TM-A

Form TM-A is required to register an application for a trademark. IP India website provides Form TM-A which can be also be filed through an online application. Registration of trademark can be done for collective marks, certification mark and other series of marks based on the specification of goods and services. Only one application can be made for a single class.

Who files this Form (Attorney / TM Owner Etc)

This form can be submitted by the Applicant (Owner) itself, but in critical cases, it is recommended to hire an Attorney who files it on behalf of the Owner. Any agent also can submit a TM-A form in the name of the owner of the trademark.

Trademark applicant can be anyone from the list below:-

  • Individual
  • Private Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Partnership Firm
  • Sole Proprietorship Firm
  • Society
  • Trust
Note: Based on the type of identity chosen by you will determine the government fees for filing a trademark

Cost for Filing Form TM-A

In February 2017, Government introduced a new fees structure for form TM A. Government categories 2 class of the owners:-

Entities Amount
Individual, Starts ups, Small Enterprise 4,500/-
Companies and other entities 9,000/-


Timelines associated with the Form TM-A

There are as such no deadlines for TM- A while registering the trademark, however after 10 years of use the trademark needs to be renewed, then there is a requirement for filing the form before 6 months of its completion of 10 years. If this deadline is missed, then the trademark becomes abandoned.

Is Form TM-A supposed to be Notarized.?

There is No need for the notarization by any proprietor or owner who is of Indian National. However, any NRI or Foreigner who applies for Trademark registration needs to get the form notarized by designated officials.

Although, Form TM - 48 (Power of Attorney) has to get printed on a 100/- Stamp Paper.

Can we file it online?

Yes, Form TM-A can be filed online through I.P India website which makes the process of registration much more efficient.

Components of TM-A

Nature of Application

  • Choose Categories whether 

Choose Trademark Owner

  • Individual
  • Startups
  • Small Enterprises
  • Others

Applicant Details

  • Name, Permanent Address, Mobile Number and E-mail ID
  • Office Address, Nature of Application (Body Corporate, Individual, etc.)

Attorney Details (if Any)

  • Name, Office Address
  • Mobile Number, E-Mail Address
  • Registration Number

Trademark Details

  • Category of Mark
  • Description Mark

In case TM is in a different language than English.

If in case the trademark is registered in some other language the translation for the same is required to be submitted along with the trademark application.

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