Form TM-R: forms

Form TM-R has to be filed with registrar in case of renewal or restoration of the registered trademark or for payment of surcharge towards the renewal.

What is Form TM-R?

Form TM-R is for Renewal of registration of trademark/ collective mark/ certification mark. It is used for renewal under section 25 of the registration of a trade mark at the expiration of the last registration not otherwise charged and also for the first two marks of the series of each separate class. TM-R is also filed for renewal under section 25 of a single application of a trade mark for goods or services in more than one class-in respect of every class. It is even used for renewal under section 25 of the registration of a collective mark/certification trade mark.

Contents of Form TM-R

  1. Details of the Applicant

(Including fee, address for service, mobile no., e-mail address)

  1. Details of Applicant’s Agent (if any)

(Including nature of the agent, registration no.)

  1. Trade Mark Type

(Standard trademark/ Collective mark/ Certification mark/ Series marks)

  1. Trade Mark Number
  2. Class/ Classes

(In case of multiclass number of classes)

  1. Payment for
  • Renewal before expiry of last registration of trade mark
  • Renewal if filed within 6 months after expiry of last registration
  • Restoration and renewal of registration of the trade mark removed from the register
  1. Detail of the person submitting the application
  2. List of the documents attached
  • Power of Attorney
  • Other documents

Due date for filing form TM-R

There are as such no deadlines for TM-R while registering the trademark, however after 10years of use the trademark needs to be renewed and there is a requirement for filing the form before 6months of its completion of 10years. If this deadline is missed then the trademark becomes abandoned



For Physical filing

For e-filing

For renewal of registration of a trademark under section 25 for each class



Application for renewal with surcharge of registration of a Trademarks under section 25 (3) for each class

Rs.5000 Plus renewal fee

Rs.4500 Plus renewal fee

Application for renewal with surcharge/ restoration and renewal of a Trademarks under section 25 (3), 25 (4) for each class

Rs.10000 Plus renewal fee

Rs.9000 Plus renewal fee


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