TM-13: forms

TM-13 is a form which is an application for restoration of trademark which is removed from the registry for not paying the renewal fee on time. This application is under section 25(4) for restoration of a trade mark removed from the register.


1. Who files this Form?

This form can be filed by the Proprietor itself, but in the case of critical, cases it is recommended to hire an Attorney who files it on behalf of the proprietor. Any agent also can file a TM-13 form on behalf of the owner of the trademark.

2. Fees

The fee of TM-13 form is Rs. 5000 only.

3. Any deadlines associated with the Form

Yes, TM-13 needs to be filled within 6 months of the date it was removed from the registry further which will lead you lose the trademark ownership.

4. Is it supposed to be Notarized.?

TM-13 is not required to be notarized by any proprietor or owner who is of Indian National. However, any NRI or Foreigner who applies for Trademark registration needs to get the form notarized by designated officials.

5. Can we file it online?

Yes, TM-13 can be filed online which makes the process of registration much easier and faster.

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