Grand Tour

As on 19 July 2019

Grand Tour is a Device Trademark filed on 09 September 2014 in State not specified through Ir Division IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to Rossi Profumi S.P.A.Body Incorporate .


Application ID IRDI-3251261
Status Objected
Date of Application 09 September 2014
Class(es) 3 , 18 , 21
Type Device
Registration State State Not Specified
Country Italy
Published Trademark Journal 0
Details Essential Oils And Aromatic Extracts; Aromas ; Oils For Toiletry; Essential Oils; Essential Oils For Deodorants For Environments; Essential Oils For Skin Care; Mineral Oils ; Natural Oils For Cleaning; Natural Oils For Cosmetic Use; Oils For Perfumery; Oils For Cosmetic Use; Perfumed Oils Giving Out Fragrances When Heated; Preparations For Aromatherapy; Fragrancies For Environments; Fragrance Sachets For Eye Pillows; Potpourri Sachets For Incorporating In Aromatherapy Pillows; Flower Extracts; Incense; Aromatic Wood; Perfumed Ceramic Stones; Perfumed Pine Cones; Pomander ; Perfumed Potpourris; Preparations For Perfuming Environments; Deodorant Products For Carpets; Products For Eliminating Pet Odours; Products For Perfuming Linens; Perfuming Sachets; Perfumed Spray For Linens; Wicks Emitting Fragrances For Perfuming Environments; Colorants For Toilette; Detergents; Cleaning Oils; Tissues Containing Cleaning Products; Toiletries; Preparations For Body Cleaning And Beauty Care; Deodorants And Anti Perspirants; Make Up; Preparations And Treatments For Hair; Preparations For Bathing; Preparations For Depilation And Shaving; Products For Skin Care; Soaps And Gels; Tissues Impregnated With A Skin Cleanser For Hands; Hair Conditioner Not For Medical Use; Cosmetic Colorants For The Skin; Cosmetics For Dermatological Use; Detergent Creams; Detergents For Hands; Shower Gel; Soap Free Detergent Emulsions For The Body; Moistened Tissues For Cleaning ; Henna For Cosmetic Use; Spray Glitter For Cosmetic Use; Detergent Face Masks; Pumice Stone For Personal Use; Preparations For Personal Or Sanitary Hygiene, Intimate Deodorants; Collagen Based Products For Cosmetic Use; Colorant Products For Cosmetic Use; Cosmetics In The Form Of Creams; Cosmetics In The Form Of Powders; Decorative Adhesives For Nails; Adhesives For Fixing False Eyelashes; Adhesives For Fixing False Nails; Lipstick Cases; Brilliantine For Cosmetic Use; Abrasive Paper For Nails; Abrasive Emery Board For Nails; False Eyelashes; Cosmetic Powder; Glue For Reinforcing Nails; Body Colours ; Face Colorants; Tanning Cosmetics; Cosmetics For The Eyes; Cosmetics For Lashes; Cosmetics For Eyelashes; Blushers; Cosmetics In The Form Of Gel; Cosmetics In The Form Of Eye Shadows; Cream For The Nails; Tanning Creams; Self Tanning Creams ; Cosmetic Creams; Eye Liner For The Eyes; Foundation For Make Up; Foundation For The Skin; Gel Cosmetics For The Eyes; Gel For The Nails; Make Up Removing Milks; Abrasive Files For Nails; Self Tanning Lotions ; Nail Reinforcing Lotions; Lotions For Make Up Removal; Lip Glosses; Mascara; Cosmetic Masks; Nail Polish; Lip Lining Pencils; Cosmetic Pencils For The Eyes; Eyelash Pencils; Removable Tattoos For Cosmetic Purposes; Eye Shadow; Oil For Cuticles; Powders For Shaping Nail Tips; Powder Cases Containing Make Up; Self Tanning Preparations ; Artificial Tanning Products; Products For Nail Care; Products For Make Up Removal; Protective Products For The Lips ; Refills For Powder Cases ; Nail Polish Top Coat; Lipsticks; Paper Tissues Moistened With Cosmetic Lotion; Nail Varnish; Polish Solvent ; Eyelashes ; Eye Make Up Remover; Temporary Tattoos For Cosmetic Use; Cosmetics For Eyelashes; Nail Tips ; Face Make Up; Skin Make Up; Theatre Make Up; False Nails Made Of Precious Metals; False Nails For Cosmetic Use; Nail Strengthening Products; Oil Baths For Hair Care; Hair Conditioner; Newborn Hair Conditioner; Hair Wax; Moustache Wax; Hair Dye; Hair Cosmetics; Hair Creams; Decolorants For Cosmetic Use; Hair Styling Spray; Non Medicated Protective Gels For Hair; Hair Styling Gel; Preparations For Perming And Setting The Hair; Hair Lacquer; Shaving Lotions; Lotions For Hair Strengthening Treatments; Hair Lotions; Hair Dye Lotions; Hair Shine Preparations; Hair Mascara; Mousse For Use In Hair Styling; Protective Mousse For Hair; Neutralizers For Permanent Waving; Hair Oils; Hair Pomades; Pomades For Cosmetic Use; Hair Conditioning Preparations; Hair Waving Preparations; Perm Preparations; Hair Styling Preparations; Cosmetic Products For Hair; Hair Decolorants; Products For Hair Decolourising; Hair Dye Products; Styling Foam; Shampoo; Shampoo For Newborns; Dry Shampoo; Beard Dye; Liquid Bath Cream; Bath Concentrates (Not Medicated); Bath Gel; Bath Lotions (Not Medicated); Bath Mousse For Newborns; Bath Oils; Bath Pearls; Cosmetic Bath Preparations; Non Medicated Bath Salts; Bath Preparations, Not For Medical Use; Bath Soaps; Bath Foams (Not Medicated); Depilating Wax; Shaving Creams; Depilating Creams; Depilating Lotions; Shaving Lotions; After Shave Preparations; Depilatory Preparations; Pre Shave Preparations; Shaving Preparations; Wax Strips For Removal Of Superfluous Body Hair; Shaving Spray; Shaving Products In Liquid Form; Creams For Use Before Shaving; Feet Balsams (Not Medicated); Lip Balsam; Lip Salve For Cosmetic Use; Body Butter; Lightening Compounds For The Skin ; Hydrating Concentrates ; Cosmetics For Dry Skin Treatment; Cosmetics For Treatment Of Wrinkles; Cosmetics For Protecting The Skin From Sunburn; Detergent Cream For The Skin ; Emollient Cream, Not For Medical Use; Foot Cream Not Medicated; Scalp Treatment Cream Not Medicated; Face Cream (Not Medicated); Lip Cream; Protective Cream Against Nappy Rash ; Body Mask Cream; Skin Tanning Creams; Creams (Not Medicated) For The Eyes; Creams (Not Medicated) For The Body; Freckle Creams; Day Creams; Night Creams; Detergent Creams For The Skin; Non Medicated Skin Protection Creams; Exfoliating Creams; Nourishing Creams (Not Medicated); Hydrating Creams For The Skin ; Creams For Aromatherapy; Creams For The Eyes; Creams For The Body; Creams For The Face; Creams For Cellulite Reduction; Creams For The Hands; Creams For Newborns (Not Medicated); Creams For Skin Whitening; Perfumed Creams; Non Medicated Protective Creams; Skin Firming Creams; Toning Creams ; Detergents For The Face ; Detergents For The Skin; Emulsions For The Body; Exfoliants; Skin Hydrating Products; Detergent Milks For Skin Care; Newborn Body Milks; Skin Lotions; Lotions For Reduction Of Cellulite; Lotions For Newborns; Detergent Masks; Body Masks; Skin Masks ; Tanning Oils For Cosmetic Use; After Sun Oils ; Oils For Skin Care ; Oils For Newborns; Body Powder ; Tanning Preparations ; Cosmetic Products For Skin Care; Products For Face Cleaning ; Lip Protections (Not Medicated); Detergent Moistened Tissues For The Skin; Talcum Powder For Cosmetic Use; Tonics ; Soaps For Personal Use; Disinfectant Soaps; Oral Hygiene Preparations; Non Medicatedmouthwash; Toothpastes; Perfumery And Fragrances; Slimming Complements , Not For Medical Use; Cosmetics; Massage Creams, Not Medicated; Cosmetic Pads; Cotton Wool Pads For Make Up; Massage Gels Not For Medical Use; Henna ; Henna In Powder Form; Lacquer For Cosmetic Use; Perfumed Lotions For The Body ; Massage Oils; Cotton Wool For Cosmetic Use; Moistened Cloths For Cosmetic Use; Pumice Stone; Abrasive Preparations For The Body; Cosmetic Preparations For Slimming Treatments; Non Medicated Preparations For The Care Of Babies; Non Medicated Foot Care Preparations; Adhesives For Cosmetic Use; Cotton Buds For Cosmetic Use; Moistened Tissues For Cosmetics. Umbrellas And Parasols; Leather Boxes; Shoulder Bags; Cases, Bags, Wallets And Other Types Of Bags; Toiletry Cases; Key Cases ; Cosmetic Cases ; Driving Licence Holders; Small Cases For Containing Toiletry Articles, Known As Vanity Cases; Trunks And Travelling Cases; Shoulder Bags; Bags With Shoulder Straps; Flight Bags; Work Bags; Gym Bags; Travel Bags With Handles; Weekend Bags; Canvas Bags; Diplomatic Bags; Leather Travel Bags For Clothes; Travel Bags In Imitation Leather; Leather Bags And Wallets; Flexible Bags For Clothing; Imitation Leather Bags; Knitted Bags; Towel Bags; Bags For A Change Of Clothes; Nappy Bags; Shoe Bags; Men's Handbags; Men's Bags; Fob Bags; Belt Bags; Multiuse Bags; Leather Handbags; Cosmetic Bags; Handbags; Pouches For Make Up, Keys And Other Personal Objects; Bags, Purses And Wallets; Briefcases ; Briefcases ; Roll Up Travel Bags For Jewellery; Travel Bags For Clothes; Tie Bags; Waist Pouches And Bags; Ladies' Handbags; Credit Card Wallets ; Billfolds; Travel Clothes Bags; Document Wallets; Wallets; Bags; Beach Bags; Leather Hat Boxes; Travelling Sets ; Shopping Bags; Artificial Leather Brief Cases; Small Rucksacks; Trolley Cases; Suitcases; Business Card Wallets; Document Cases; Suit, Shirt And Clothes Carry Bags; Document Wallets And Overnight Bags; Essential Toiletry Bags. Toilet Cases; Perfume Bottles; Fitted Vanity Cases; Shaving Soap Dishes; Make Up Applicators; Cosmetic Applicators; Liquid Soap Dispensers; Exfoliating Gloves; Shaving Brushes; Combs; Eyelash Separators; Shaving Brush Holders; Powder Compacts; Rubber Foam Toe Separators For Pedicure; Sponges; Perfume Atomisers ; Containers For Toothbrushes; Dental Floss; Toothbrush Holders; Toothbrushes; Cosmetic And Toilet Utensils And Bathroom Articles; Statues, Statuettes, Plates And Works Of Art In Porcelain, Terracotta Or Glass, Included In This Class; Porcelain Articles For Decorative Use; Majolica; Crystal Objects D'art; Porcelain, Terracotta Or Glass Objets D'art; Glass Decorative Boxes; Ornamental Sculptures Made Of Fine China; Porcelain, Terracotta, Ceramic Or Glass Statues; Glass Statuettes ; Crystal Statuettes; Lead Crystal Statuettes; Terracotta Statuettes; Coloured Glass Statuettes; Porcelain Eggs; Crystal Busts; Porcelain, Terracotta Or Glass Busts; Trinkets ; Ornamental Models In Porcelain; Decorative Plates For Collections; Crystals ; Decorative Ceramic Tiles, Not For Use As Building Materials; Porcelain Objects Not Comprised In Other Classes; Terracotta Objects Not Comprised In Other Classes; Porcelain Items; Decorative Porcelain Items; Porcelain Boxes; Terracotta Boxes; Glass Boxes; Enamel Boxes; Hand Cut Crystal Glassware; Crockery, Pans; Brushes; Brushes For Bathrooms; Brushes For Personal Hygiene; Candlesticks; Bowls In Precious Metals; Glass Containers For Candles; Napkin Holders In Precious Metals; Jars; Tableware.

Trademark Proprietor

Rossi Profumi S.p.a.

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What is the application date as per IP India website?

As per IP India data the trademark was applied on 09 September 2014.

Who has filed the trademark application with the TMO?

Rossi Profumi S.P.A.Body Incorporate applied for Grand tour.

What is the listed class of the Grand tour with IP India?

Listed class of trademark Grand tour is 3, 18, 21.

As per IP india what is the stage of trademark application?

Grand tour is on the Objected stage of the trademark process.

What is the Serial number provided by the trademark data?

Serial Number provided to trademark application is IRDI-3251261

How is the Grand tour categorized?

The trademark is categorized as DEVICE.

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Trademark Registration

Rs 6,299/-
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