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Trademark Journal Number

Every week a Trademark Registry has published a new online trademark journals titled with the journal number

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Date of Publication and Availability

The trademark registry through the trademark journal mention the date of publication to give the notice to public to register their opposition if any, against the published trademark

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List of trademarks

The Trademark Journal contain the list of marks published in classes; product marks in classes 1 to 34 and service mark in class 35 to 45


Trademark Journal Archive

Journal Number
Journal #1790
Published On: 27 Mar 2017 | Available On: 27 Mar 2017


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trademark Journal Publication?

Trademark Journal Publication is one of the important steps in the trademark registration process. Trademark journal publication is an official journal where all the trademark applications are getting published for inviting the public comments and oppositions if any.

When is a trademark published in Journal?

Once the trademark application has been examined by the trademark examiner, the trademark officer may raise an objection. If no objection is raised by the examiner of in case of objection, satisfied with the filed reply against the objection, the examiner accepted the trademark application absolutely or subject to some conditions. After acceptance, the said application is advertised in the trademark journal.

Publishing the Trademark application in the trademark journal does not mean that the proposed mark is registered. However, the purpose of publishing the trademark application in the journal is to invite the third party, i.e. public to raise a trademark opposition.

My Trademark application status shows “Accepted & Advertised”. What does it mean?

When the trademark application status shows as accepted & advertised in the Indian Trademark registry, it means the trademark application has been accepted and advertised in the trademark journal. Publishing the trademark application in the trademark journal is one of the final stages in trademark registration process.

What is the meaning of trademark application status "Advertised before acc"?

During the trademark registration application processing, the trademark status shows as advertised before acc in the Indian Trademark registry when the trademark application has been advertised in the trademark journal before acceptance by the Registrar.

When the application is advertised before acceptance and no opposition is filed by the third party during the opposition period, then the application has to be accepted by the trademark examiner before issuing the trademark registration certificate. This is a procedural requirement for the trademark registration. Once the application is accepted by the officer, the trademark status changes from "Advertised before acc" to "Accepted and Advertised". Then the trademark registration certificate has been issued in approximately three months after the opposition period.

What details are published in trademark journal regarding the advertisement of a trademark application?

  • Details of the proposed trademark, i.e. name, image, description, trademark class, type of trademark etc.
  • Date of application on which trademark is filed
  • Priority claim if trademark application is filed with the priority claim
  • Applicant's details, i.e. name, address, type of applicant
  • Applicant's service details including his agent's particulars
  • Statement as to the use of the mark
  • Appropriate office for registration of the trademark

What happens after trademark published in trademark journal?

Once the trademark application advertised in the trademark journal, It allows the third party to raise opposition to trademark application within 4 months from the date of publishing in trademark journal. In case of no opposition, the trademark registration certificate will be issued in approximately three months after the expiry of the opposition period.

What information can you find in Trademark Journal?

You can find some useful information in the trademark journal which can be used not only to file an opposition but also to conduct a prior search for trademark registration.

  • A list of accepted trademarks applications
  • A list of renewed, registered and removed trademarks
  • Any post-registration changes including assignment, transmission etc.
  • Public notice and notifications if issued by the trademark office
  • Re-advertised applications if ordered by trademark officer
  • Any further notifications regarding the earlier published applications
  • International non-proprietary names, published by WHO