Kv Infracon Llp

As on 10 April 2019

Kv Infracon Llp incorporated with MCA on 09 April 2019. The Kv Infracon Llp is listed in the class of company and classified as NA. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Delhi with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs. 0 and its paid up capital is 0.

Kv Infracon Llp's last Annual General Meeting(AGM) was held on NA, and date of latest balance sheet available from Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) is NA.

The company has 0 directors/key management personal. Kv Infracon Llp company registration number is and its Corporate Identification Number(CIN) provided from MCA is AAO-8357.

Kv Infracon Llp company's registered office address is H 463, Ground Floor New Delhi In 110083. Find other contact information for Kv Infracon Llp such as Email, Website and more below.

The company has reportedly 0 charges associated and 0 documents available for download.

Current status of Kv Infracon Llp company is Active.

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CIN AAO-8357
Company Status Active
Date of Incorporation 09 April 2019
Registration State Delhi
Company Category Limited Liability Partnership
Listing status Unlisted

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