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Ahmedabad Companies

12,613 Companies

Andaman & Nicobar Companies

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Andaman And Nicobar Companies

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Andaman And Nicobar Islands Companies

698 Companies

Andhra Pradesh Companies

86,969 Companies

Ankara Companies

1 Companies

Arunachal Pradesh Companies

1,071 Companies

Assam Companies

19,142 Companies

Bagmati Companies

1 Companies

Bangalore Companies

12,886 Companies

Bangkok Companies

1 Companies

Bihar Companies

58,982 Companies

Chandigarh Companies

20,898 Companies

Chattisgarh Companies

673 Companies

Chennai Companies

5,327 Companies

Chhattisgarh Companies

16,820 Companies

Coimbatore Companies

28,640 Companies

Cuttack Companies

689 Companies

Dadra & Nagar Haveli Companies

48 Companies

Dadra And Nagar Haveli Companies

751 Companies

Daman And Diu Companies

566 Companies

Delhi Companies

465,887 Companies

Dubai Companies

1 Companies

Ernakulam Companies

5,177 Companies

France Companies

1 Companies

Gifu Companies

1 Companies

Goa Companies

13,351 Companies

Goteborg Companies

1 Companies

Great Yarmouth Companies

1 Companies

Gujarat Companies

157,606 Companies

Gwalior Companies

2,501 Companies

Haryana Companies

87,131 Companies

Himachal Pradesh Companies

9,536 Companies

Himachalpradesh Companies

205 Companies

Hyderabad Companies

6,589 Companies

Illinois Companies

1 Companies

Jaipur Companies

5,095 Companies

Jammu Companies

154 Companies

Jammu & Kashmir Companies

237 Companies

Jammu And Kashmir Companies

9,608 Companies

Jharkhand Companies

24,370 Companies

Kanpur Companies

7,888 Companies

Karnataka Companies

188,691 Companies

Kathmandu Companies

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Kerala Companies

88,176 Companies

Kolkata Companies

11,362 Companies

Ladakh Companies

55 Companies

Lakshadweep Companies

42 Companies

Leicestershire Companies

1 Companies

Madhya Pradesh Companies

63,524 Companies

Maharashtra Companies

460,159 Companies

Manipur Companies

1,929 Companies

Massachusetts Companies

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Meghalaya Companies

1,498 Companies

Mizoram Companies

339 Companies

Mumbai Companies

39,166 Companies

Na Companies

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Nagaland Companies

904 Companies

Naples Companies

1 Companies

Norway Companies

1 Companies

Not Assigned Companies

1 Companies

Odisha Companies

36,768 Companies

Ontario Companies

1 Companies

Orissa Companies

2,459 Companies

Patna Companies

1,136 Companies

Pondicherry Companies

186 Companies

Puducherry Companies

4,223 Companies

Pune Companies

121,539 Companies

Punjab Companies

45,026 Companies

Rajasthan Companies

89,246 Companies

Saint Petersburg Companies

1 Companies

Sejong Si Companies

1 Companies

Shillong Companies

841 Companies

Sikkim Companies

37 Companies

Singapore Companies

1 Companies

State Companies

3 Companies

State Of California Companies

1 Companies

Tamil Nadu Companies

170,750 Companies

Tamilnadu Companies

2 Companies

Telangana Companies

158,715 Companies

Texas Companies

1 Companies

Tripura Companies

1,259 Companies

Uganda Companies

1 Companies

Uttar Pradesh Companies

190,378 Companies

Uttarakhand Companies

15,969 Companies

Victoria Companies

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Vijayawada Companies

1,614 Companies

Washington Companies

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West Bengal Companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start the company research?

You have several platforms to perform the online company search database to get the complete company information. QuickCompany search bar and MCA21 master data are the most commonly used platform for free company search. But the best place to start is the QuickCompany search bar. It provides complete company details and updates for all the events happening in the company over the year.

What are the areas I can consider while analysing the company data?

Once you find the concrete master data information of the company, the following areas are good to begin with:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Has the company been profitable over the past few years?
  • Is any charge has been created in the name of the company?

What information is available on every company master data record?

Company data search includes the following data:

  • Company basic information
  • Company network
  • Contact information
  • Directors
  • Company Charges
  • Documents
  • Events, i.e. any activity happened over the year

How reliable is the company document list on your site? In how much time would I receive the ordered documents?

All the company documents on our website are reliable as they are no difference between the documents available at MCA and Quick Company. The delivery time of the ordered documents depends on the number of the documents of the company.

Generally, the delivery time may vary between 1 hour to 3 hours, after the order has been placed.

I am unable to locate the information of a company. Where can I obtain such information?

You can find the company's master data on the QuickCompany site on company data search service. You will get the complete information along with the company's financials.

Can I monitor a company when it files any new information?

You can track any company including your own company to find out when it files the new information. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Sign in with the Quick Company
  • Follow the desired companies you need to track

Should I have to pay for tracking the companies' new events/information?

You no need to pay any fees to monitor the companies' recent events. Just sign up with the Quick company and follow the desired companies.

How can a company name be registered in India?

For registration of a company, the company has to first check the availability of the name of the company and then obtain a registration for which you have to submit the application to the ROC (Registrar of Companies).