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Provisional Patent Application Process

7 Days

  1. Prior Art Search

    2 Working Day

    Prior Art Search is performed by us so that the companies or the inventor do not infringe upon the intellectual property of another person.

  2. Information disclosure of patent

    1 Working Day

    The inventor or company needs to fill Invention disclosure form completely.

  3. Drafting application

    Upto 6-7 Working Days

    Patent attorney assigned to your patent will help draft a complete provisional application based information provided in the Invention disclosure form.

  4. Provisional Patent Submission

    Upto 2 Working Days

    We will file the provisional application with the patent office and priority date will be provided to you.

Provisional Patent Cost


One, or more inventor can file provisional patent application under the Individual category

Consultancy Free
Prior Art Search Rs 6,000
Government Fee Rs 1,600
Patent Drafting Rs 9,140*
Professional Fees Rs 7,000
Goods & Service Tax Rs 1,269
Total Cost (Individuals) Rs 24,999

Entities, like MSME, Startups can file provisional patent under the name of the organization.

Consultancy Free
Prior Art Search 6,000
Government Fee Rs 4,000
Patent Drafting Rs 13,199*
Professional Fees Rs 10,000
Goods & Service Tax Rs 1,800
Total Cost (Small Entity) Rs 34,999

Major Companies, other than Small Entity have to file provisional patent under the category according to the government of India.

Consultancy Free
Prior Art Search Rs 6,000
Government Fee Rs 8,000
Patent Drafting Rs 15,659*
Professional Fees Rs 13,000
Goods & Service Tax Rs 2,340
Total Cost (Other Entity) Rs 44,999

* Seperate govt fee for multiple priority case.
* Extra Rs. 160 per sheet excluding 30 sheets.
* Rs. 320 for each claim in addition to 10 claims.


Types of Patents



Non Provisional

Ideal For Stops the Clock Ready to Examine
Requirements Initial Step Enforcable Claims
Documentation Non - Complicated Complicated
Time Flexibility Formal
Process 2 Step Process 1 Step Process
Registration Time 7 Days 10 Days
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Documents Required for Provisional Patent

Below are the basic information required to file a provisional patent application in India

Title of

Provisional patent application need a descriptive Title to identify the invention.

Abstract of Invention

A non confidential summary of the invention that can be used in Final application.


Identify begining phase elements of the innovation for further claim in application.

Drawings of

Attach drawing and illustration of the invention.


Describe the nature of problem solved by this invention.

Workable Extent/Scope

Provide the roughly idea and scope which can be presented in final application.

What do you get


Everything to patent application monitoring and attorney support

Patent Search Report

A patent search report is shared describing patentability scope of the idea. 

Provisional Application Draft

Proper provisional application drafting through our Patent attorney.


After filing provisional patent through IPIndia, We will share the acknowledgement.

Attorney Support

Dedicated, one to one patent attorney support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is provisional Patent Application?

Patent application can be filled on the basis of progress in the invention of the inventor. If the patent is not yet completed and is yet in the initial stages the inventor can file an provisional application and stop the clock in his application.

Why File provisional Patent application?

The provisional patent application is filed when the invention is still in the stage of research and needs some development work. If the inventor has complete information about his invention then, in that case, the person can file a provisional application and after performing art search.

When can one use status of "Patent Pending "on one's patent application?

The provisional patent application is not examined, and hence it is not considered complete. However, the inventor can write "Patent Pending." on any invention for which provisional application has been filed

What are the benefits of filing a Provisional patent application?

Types of patent application in India are:

  • Buffer period is achieved by the inventor
  • Cost-effective
  • 'Priority Date' can be claimed
  • Secrecy

What Provisional Specification Should Contain?

  • Titlie of invention
  • The preamble to be submitted before the description
  1. The field of invention and comprising the background of the invention
  2. Statement and object of the invention

When One Should file Patent Application?

  • Prior to any public disclosure in any conference presentation, paper publication or announcement
  • When the inventors have used the invention commercially but there are certain developments yet to be made

When should you convert provisional application to complete patent application?

An applicant must file a complete patent application with the patent office within 12 months of the provisional application's filing date.

Is it possible to file more than one provisional application?

yes, it is possible to file more than one provisional application for the same invention.