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This guide is designed to help you understand the process of registering your own company and trademark; simplified and presented to you in an easy to read digest to help you understand companies and trademarks better


Companies Articles

Guidelines for a Foreign Director/Partner

One Resident Director It is mandatory as per...
24 Jan 2017 by Lokesh Sharma

Foreign Directors/Partners

A foreign national can be nominated and...
24 Jan 2017 by Lokesh Sharma

FAQs - Company registration in India

1.What are the major types of Business Entities...
24 Jan 2017 by Lokesh Sharma


Trademarks Articles

THE Emblems and Names Act,1950

Section 2 of the Act defines an “Emblem” as any...
24 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

The Madrid Protocol

Ever since the advent of globalization, where...
24 Jan 2017 by Titly Chatterjee

Non-Conventional Trademarks in India

Trademark encompasses a definition which...
24 Jan 2017 by Ankan Bose

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5 Ways To Manage Your Startup

Startups are business entities in their formative years, with a prime focus on expansion and maintaining the pace at which it is presently running.The entrepreneurs mainly focus on ideas and measures which promotes a healthy work culture and professional
01 Nov 2016 by Lokesh Sharma

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Goods & Service Tax (GST) – A Knight Rider for Startups

GST means Goods and service tax, a single tax system for all the level of taxes whether central or state. substitutes VAT at state level and Service Tax and Excise at Central level by applying SGST and CGST.
03 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee

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Company registration for dummies: should startups choose Private Limited/OPC over LLP?

Out of 10 startups, more than 5 do not have knowledge about legal terms and what type of business they should incorporate.Learn which type of Company you should incorporate
03 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee

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ESOPs for Dummies: All about retention instruments for startups

Employee Stock Option Plans are the plans in which employees got the right to purchase a no. of shares (decided by the employer) in the company at a discounted price less than the market price, on the basis of their performance
03 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee

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7 Must-Have Compliances After You Incorporate A New Company

Detailed description of 7 must compliance a startup business should have in order to fulfill Ministry of Corporate Affairs regulations.
03 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee

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Startup valuation for dummies, how much is your company worth?

Detailed knowledge on how to do startup valuation in India.Learn what will the valuation of your Company before heading towards VC for funding
02 May 2015 by Titly Chatterjee