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Around 9 lac companies on the verge of getting Deregistered

On the event of Enforcement Day, celebrated on 29th April, 2017, the Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia addressed the audience by throwing light on some mind-boggling facts.
02 May 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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'Make In India' all set to confront the World Bank's Report

MCA has taken planned steps to make this 26-days Incorporation process to just 6 and eventually to just a day.
02 May 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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A New Outbound Horizon For Indian Companies

Voila! An Indian Company can legally abode an outbound flight.
02 May 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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2.5 Lac companies are on the verge of getting snapped

Registrar of Companies has issued public notices to 2,50,000 companies across the nation for striking off under section 248 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013.
22 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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India: Bait for IT giants

The foundation created by Modi lead campaigns has given new dimensions to IT sector.
11 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

Govt of India is to come up with a reality show to promote entrepreneurship

Shark Tank: A Tank Full of Sharks? Shark...
10 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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1,50,000 villages in India to have internet connectivity: Are Rural Start-ups soon to become a reality?

The unveiling of the annual budget this year...
12 May 2017 by P.T.Shravani

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CBDT allots PAN and TAN in 24 hours!

The ease of doing business in India, has taken new a dimension.Automation! Is the new catch phrase outlining the corporate culture in India.
19 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

The Taste of India: is not a frozen dessert!

I scream You scream We all scream...
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

Steps to link your pan to Aadhaar

A NEW RULE : Linking PAN to AADHAAR is...
13 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta


The 13 days long strikes against Ola-Uber led...
10 Apr 2017 by Nimisha Gupta

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Pact With Blackberry And Apple- The Boosters for “Make in India” initiative

The initiate taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Make in India” to uplift the multi-national and national companies to fabricate their products in our country; once again turn out its achievement.
28 Mar 2017 by Kapila Tanwar