Who we are

We are a three-year young company with technology as a backbone of our operations, along with passion and zeal to make a significant impact towards making the life of a business owner easier.

What we do

We understand that as a business owner, one can get overwhelmed by the number of different Government regulations, processes and countless forms. Especially if one is a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) owner, it gets further cumbersome to manage these administrative overheads.

Small and medium businesses form 45% of our GDP and employ 80% of the working population as per various estimates. We at QuickCompany have a lot of respect for SMEs and MSMEs who practically run our economy.

Our services, however, are not limited to helping the SMEs. We also count a number of reputed CA firms, Trademark attorneys, legal and accounting teams of reputed corporations amongst our clientele.
QuickCompany is our humble effort towards simplifying doing business in India.

Our Services

We provide a gamut of services to make registrations in India as easy, quick and transparent as possible.

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