Business Services

Private Limited Company

Register a Private Limited Company Online. Recommended Company for StartUps / SMEs

Limited Liability Patnership

Incorporate an LLP with minimum 2 Partners

One Person Company

Register an OPC, if you are the Sole Founder of the company

Nidhi Company

Indian non-banking finance sector for Lending / Borrowing of Money between its Partners

Section8 Company

Company for promotion of Commerce, Art, Science, Education, Social Welfare, Religion, Charity

NBFC Company

Company engaged in the business of Loans / Advances, acquisition of Shares / Stocks /Bonds / Debentures / Securities

Company Search

Serching all Companies Registered in India, by Industry, Location and more

Running a Business

Annual Compliance

Fulfill the mandatory Secretarial Compliance filings or RoC filings

Company Name Change

Change the name of your exising Company

Change Address

Serching all Classes at once, Comprehensive TM search Report. We have stopped using IPIndia all together

Appoint Director

Add a Director to an Existing Company

Remove a Director

Director resignation for an Existing Company

Authorised Capital Increase

Increase the Authorised Capital for a Company

Close a Private Limited Company

Wind up an existing Company

Change the Objectives of your Business

Change the guidelines that become the foundation for your business planning.

Change LLP Agreement

Ammend the contract made between the partners of an LLP

Director eKYC

Mandatory check for all directors of all Companies registered in India

Digital Signature

Get an electronic identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign Company / TM documents digitally

GST Services

GST Registration

Register your GST Online

GST Filing

File your GST with QuickCompany

Trademark Services

Trademark Search

Serching all Classes at once, Comprehensive TM search Report. We have stopped using IPIndia all together

Trademark Registration

Register a Trademark Online, best Service in India

Trademark Objection

File a TM Objection online, in case your application has been rejected

Trademark Assignment

Assign your existing Trademark to a different entity

Trademark Opposition

File a clarification in case your Trademark has been Opposed

Trademark Renewal

Renew your Trademark if it is about to expire, or has expired

Patent & Copyright Services

Patent Search

Serching all Patent applications in India

Provisional Patent

Get a Provisional Patent

Patent Registration

Patent Filing

Copyright Registration

Register your Copyright Online


MSME Registration

Register you company with under MSME for discounts and benefits

ISO Registration

ISO Certificate for your company

FSSAI License

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license for all food business operators

Trade License

Obtain a license to operate a business in your State