Appointment of Director

Director Appointment

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Director Appointment Process

3 Days

  1. DSC & DIN

    2 Working Days

    DSC is the electronic signature for the directors of the company that is issued by the ROC. Director proposed to be appointed needs to apply for Digital Signature (DSC). The DSC is necessary for signing all the digital applications filed by the company. DSC can be obtained by submitting identity proof.

  2. Document Preparation

    1 Working Day

    When all the supporting documents are prepared by the business advisor appointed to you. The expert appointed prepares appointment letter and board resolution for submitting with ROC.

  3. Application Filing

    1 Working Day

    Once the DIN and DSC of the proposed director is obtained the application can be submitted with the ROC along with altered MOA and AOA of the company.

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Documents Required for Adding a Director


Digital signature of the directors in the company to sign the documents.


Director Identification Number of the additional director

Appointment Letter

Director appointment letter

Board Resolution

Board resolution copy

Identity Proof

Any valid identity proof

What do you get

Challan Receipt

Receipt of adding a director along with MOA and AOA amendment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is director under company Act 2013?

A director in a company is a person who directs, controls and manages the affairs of the company. The directors in a company are appointed and removed by the board of directors and shareholders of the company.

What is the minimum number of directors to be appointed in a company?

Minimum number of directors present in a company should be:

  • A public company should have minimum of 3 directors
  • In case of private company the minimum number of directors should be 2
  • One director in case of one person company

What are maximum number of directors allowed in a company?

Maximum number of director in a company is 15; but if there is a need to appoint more directors the company can pass special resolution for such appointment.

When is appointment of director effective?

The appointment of the director can be made effective immediately as the form that is submitted with ROC is an online form and hence is processed the same day it is filed.

Is it important to appoint a women director in the company?

Yes, all the listed companies have to appoint atleast one women director in the company board. This means that all the public limited company that have turnover of Rs`300 crore or more in any financial year or with paid-up share capital of Rs 100 crore have to appoint women director.

The newly incorporated companies have to appoint women director within 6 months and existing company within 1 year of the audit report.

Who appoints managing director in a company?

Managing director (MD) in a company are appointed by board of directors in a company to manage the company affairs. The MD acts a whole time director and act as a chief executive of the company.

How can I make an appointment for a director in a company?

The person selected or proposed to be selected as a director of the company must obtain a digital signature certificate (DSC) and director identification number (DIN) before filing an application for director appointment with ROC.

How long does it take to appoint director in a company?

Appointment of director in a company is made through an online form and hence the process takes only 24 hours to complete.

What forms are required for appointing director in a company?

Form DIR-12 is required to be filed with the respective ROC for appointment of the director.

What are the different modes of appointing director in a company?

Different modes of appointing a director in a company are:

  • Appointment of director by signature to memorandum
  • Appointment of director by general meeting

What are the documents required for appointment of directors?

For appointment of director in a company the following documents are required:

  • If the director selected for appointment is new then there is a requirement of filing an application for DIN and DSC.
  • Appointment letter for the director must be submitted with ROC along with the application form
  • Copy of the board resolution
  • Identity proof such as driving licence, voter ID and passport of the director are required.

Is consent letter from the director required?

Anyone that is to be appointed as a director of the company needs approval from the person and that us obtained from the consent letter.

Who has the authority to appoint first director in a company

First director in a company are appointed by the shareholders or members of the company during the incorporation process. New directors in a company can also be appointed by a shareholder after the company is formed.

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