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Electra Brake Press

ID: 201811024493

over 4 years

Easy Fix Spindle Fluff Collector

ID: 201841024451

over 4 years

Method And Apparatus To Control Visited Network Access For Devices

ID: 201848023543

over 4 years

Cartridge Retention System

ID: 201847023518

over 4 years

System And Method For Reinforcing Powder Particles Using Friction Stir Processing

ID: 201841023580

over 4 years

Method For Compacting The Ballast Bed Of A Track And Tamping Unit

ID: 201827020419

over 4 years

Signaling Message Processing Method And Entity

ID: 201837020513

over 4 years

Electronic Device And Method For Displaying A Notification Object

ID: 201837020368

over 4 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patent Search?

Patent Search deals with research and data mining which will involve scouting every legal document or literature and also some non-patented ideas published.

What are patents?

Patents are exclusive rights granted by the government for a limited period of time to your invention.

What do Patent protect?

Patent protection can be granted to any novel and useful process, composition of invention. the invention must be novel and should have usefulness.

Why You Should Conduct Patent Search?

Your invention must be novel this means that the technology used should be original. The patent office will not grant patent if similar invention is already patented.

Patent searches provide strategic inputs on multiple fronts and enable organization to make decision whether to patent invention or not.

How to find out whether invention similar to your invention exist or not?

Patentability search should be conducted to see whether your invention can be patented or not. Patent search is considered a key tool for inventors and organization across the globe. Search is a strategic tool that builds a road map for the patent on multiple factors such as similar inventions and technology.

What is Prior Art?

Prior - art is anything which is published or even if somebody has listed the working of the invention or the technology used in the invention.

What does Prior-Art search?

Prior art is any evidence that the invention is already known among the people who have basic knowledge about the art.

If anything has been made available to the public anywhere in the world before the filing date of the patent application; the grant will be rejected.

What is patentability Search?

Patentability search is conducted to see whether the claims asked can be granted in the application or not. Patentability search is also known as Novelty search. It is recommended to complete this search before writing patent specification.

What is Freedom to Operate Search(FOS)?

This search is conducted to check the patents which will hinder the process of commercialization of the product

When do we conduct State of Art Search?

The state of Art Search is executed in order to determine solution and potential competetitors within that particular technological field of the invention.

Why Patent Search is Important?

patent search is conducted to retrieve and attain the required information to check whether the patent can be patented or not.