Private Limited Company Registration


One Person

Rs 8,999

For Sole Founders
1 Digital Signature
1 ShareHolder
1 PAN Card + 1 TAN Card

Private Limited

Rs 9,999

StartUp / Investor Friendly
2 Digital Signaure
2 Digital Signature
2 ShareHolder
1 PAN Card + 1 TAN Card

Limited Liability

Rs 8,999

For Traditional Businesses
2 Digital Signaure
2 Digital Signature
2 Partners
1 LLP Agreement
1 PAN Card + 1 TAN Card
* Stamp duty Vary State to State
* NRI/Foreign Directors,Charges are extra

How long does it take?

15 Days

  1. Digital Signature Certificate

    1 Working Day

    DSC is an electronic online signature issued by licensed certifying authorities. All the proposed directors of the company required to apply for the digital signature (DSC) which is necessary for digitally signing the electronic incorporation documents. DSC can be obtained either using supporting documents or Aadhar eKYC based authentication (supporting documents are not required in this case).

  2. Director Identification Number

    1 Working Day

    ODIN or DPIN, i.e. directors PIN is a unique eight-digit identification number which is a mandatory requirement for existing as well as proposed directors of the company to maintain the director's information in a database. MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) allots a DIN to every director of the company with a lifetime validity without which one cannot be a director.

  3. Name Approval

    Upto 5 Working Days

    Once we obtain the DIN and DSC of the directors, a list of minimum one or maximum 2 Proposed names of the company in preferential order will be submitted to MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) for approval. Our representative will conduct a prior search for your name availability. Ideally, the name should be unique, suggestive of the business and end with the words 'Private Limited' in order to avoid the rejection. We get your company name approved subject to availability and naming guidelines.

  4. Incorporation Documents

    Upto 8 Working Days

    After taking name approval, we draft a Memorandum of association and Articles of association for your company. All the incorporation documents need to be submitted with the prescribed e-form SPICe 32 along with the AOA, MOA and subscription statement. Once all the documents are duly verified and approved by the government, the certificate of incorporation is emailed to your id. Simultaneously, we will apply for PAN and TAN of your company.

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Price Breakdown
Documents Required


Private Limited Company Cost

Our pricing is 100% transparent. Private Limited Company is the most popular legal business entity in India

Company Name Search Free
Consultancy on Registration and Name Availability Free
GST Registration (Optional) Free
2 DSC's 2,000.00
Government Fees 1,300.00
Stamp Duty 1,510.00
Documents Notarization Cost 500.00
PAN and TAN Fees 170.00
Professional Fees 3,706.00
Goods & Service Tax 813.00
Total Cost 9,999.00
* The above mentioned government fee has been calculated on minimum contribution of Rs.100000
* Stamp duty may vary state to state
* Extra charges for NRI/Foreign directors or Foreign shareholding companies


Choosing a Company


Private Limited

Limited Liability

One Person

For Start-ups Conventional Businesses Sole Founders
Requirements Minimum 2 Shareholders Minimum 2 Shareholders 1 Director + 1 Nominee
Capital Required ? 0 0 0
Tax Advantages Few Most Few
Compliances High Low High
Registration Time 15 Days 15 Days 40 Days
  Get Started Get Started Get Started

Documents Required for Pvt Ltd Company


Only Scanned Copies are needed, Scanned copy of PAN Card of all directors and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving

ID Proof

Scanned copy of PAN Card of all directors and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License

Address Proof

Latest Bank statement/ Utility bill in the name of director which should not be older than two months


Latest passport size photograph

Registered Office Proof

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner, Utility bill (should not be older than two months) and Notarized Rent agreement (in case of rented property)/ Registry Proof or House Tax Receipt (in case of owned property)


What do you get


Everything to open a bank account and Start your business


Digital signature for two directors to digitally sign the documents

Memorandum of Association

Defines the rules and objective of the business

Articles of Association

Defines the rules and objective of the business

Company PAN
(soft copy)

PAN number of the company to open a bank account

Incorporation Certificate

Certificate of incorporation bearing company's registration number and details

Company TAN
(soft copy)

TAN number of the company

GST Certificate

GSTIN number and Certificate for your company

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Why Choose QuickCompany

Tech Enabled

Filings through Automated Technology

Online Procedure

Submit all your documents online

Fastest Filings

We try to file your Company the same day you submit your documents


We track your company and updated you on all necessary steps


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Private Limited Company the best option for start-ups?

In order to execute the idea into a long-term business, choosing the right form of business is important. For start-ups, Private Limited Company is the best option for the following reasons:

  • Limited legal compliances
  • No minimum capital contribution
  • Need only 2 directors and shareholders (both can be the same person)
  • Funding can be raised
  • Limited liability of the members

Who can become a director in a Private Limited Company?

Any individual or organisation or even an NRI/foreign nationals can become a director in an Indian Private Limited Company. Here are the conditions to become a director in an Indian private company:

How long is the registration valid for Private Limited Company in India?

The private limited company formation comes into existence on issuing of incorporation certificate. A company remains active even though all the shareholders and directors of the pvt ltd company may be changed unless it is wound up either voluntarily or by order of the Court/ NCLT. Also, the Company may be struck off from the register of the ROC if:

  • The Company has not commenced business within a period of 1 year from the date of incorporation, or
  • The Company has not complied with the Annual Filing Compliance In such a case, the company will be liable to be struck off from the Register of the ROC after a period of time and the Director of such a company will be held in default.

Is there a limit on Shareholders in a Private Limited Company?

A minimum of 2 Shareholders is required for incorporation of Pvt Ltd Company. However, a private company can have a maximum of 200 Shareholders.

Can I become a director in a Private Limited Company if I am already in employment?

Yes, there is no such legal constraint in the Companies Act if not restricted by the employment agreement. All you need to do is check your employment agreement because it may limit you from becoming a director in other company simultaneously.

Does one have to present physically to incorporate a private company?

No, the whole pvt ltd company incorporation process is online. You can send the scanned copy of all the required incorporation documents via e-mail. All the forms and documents are filed electronically and even signed digitally.

Is foreign direct investment allowed in private limited company?

Yes, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is allowed in a private limited company as this form of business entity is easy to raise funds. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) is allowed in private limited companies for non-residents through automatic or approval route.

What is the limit for Directors in a Private Limited Company?

A minimum of 2 Directors are required for incorporation of Pvt Ltd Company, one of the said Director shall be a resident in India, i.e. should be in India for a period of 182 days or more in the previous financial year. However, a private company can have a maximum of 15 Directors.

How to choose a name for Private Limited Company to avoid rejection?

The company name should be selected with utmost care. The rules for selecting a company are:

  • The name should be ended with the words 'Private Limited' which are mandated by law.
  • The name must be unique.
  • Follow the naming guidelines for better chances of approval.
  • Name should be suggestive of the company business.

Can a Foreign Company incorporate a Private Company?

As per the Companies Act 2013, there is no minimum requirement for Paid-up Share capital. However, each shareholder should subscribe to a minimum one share.

What are the mandatory compliances for a Private Limited Company?

The common mandatory compliances are:

  • Appointment of auditor
  • Statutory audit of accounts
  • Filing of annual return
  • Filing of financial statements
  • Holding Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Prepare directors' report

Can a Private Limited Company register on residential address?

You don't need a proper office address to incorporate a company. You can register your residential address as a registered office address of your business with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) for which some address proof along with the NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be filed with the prescribed form.

Can an NRI allowed to incorporate a Private Limited Company in India?

NRIs only allowed to incorporate limited companies in India and the private limited company is ideal for NRIs. Also, there is no requirement to obtain the prior approval from the government or RBI. But, in order to register a private company at least one director must be a resident of India.

Which type of business entity is ideal for medium and large sized businesses?

Private limited company is an ideal form of business entity for majority of medium and large sized businesses as it offers advantages from limited liability protection to easy transferability. But it is not suitable for small businesses.

Can a private limited company be converted into and other type of business entity?

Yes, conversion of private limited company into a public company or one person company or limited liability partnership is possible. But a private limited company cannot be converted into a traditional partnership or sole proprietorship.

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