Director Identification Number (DIN)

It is a unique Identification Number which is allotted to an individual who is an existing director of a company or intends to be appointed as a director of a company pursuant to section 266A & 266B of the Companies Act, 1956.

Eligibility for filing an application for allotment of DIN

Any individual who is an existing director of a company or intends to be appointed as director of any company can file an application for the allotment of DIN.

Apex body allotting DIN in India

The Central Government (Office of Regional Director (Northern Region), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, NOIDA) is the apex body which has the power to allot the DIN.

Procedure of obtaining DIN

The entire process of obtaining DIN consists of seven steps.

Step I. Obtaining provisional DIN

The applicant is required to fill-up and submit [Form DIN-1] online for obtaining the provisional DIN in the very first go.

Step II. Pay Din application fee

The applicant is then required to login to the MCA portal and then click on ['Pay Miscellaneous fee'] link available under the 'Services' tab. Select 'DIN application fee' option and the provisional DIN has to be entered. The applicant can then have the option of paying the fee by using any of three modes of payment which are available on MCA portal.

Step III. Dispatch of DIN application

The applicant is then required to take a print-out of Form DIN-1 (containing provisional DIN generated online). Fill the service Request Number (SRN) of the fee paid. Sign the DIN application form manually and then paste a good resolution photograph in the space which is earmarked for the same. Attach the photocopies of the 'Proof of Identity' (Attach additional proof, if 'Father's name and 'Date of Birth' is not indicated in the 'Proof of Identity') and the 'Proof of Residence' with DIN application form and tick the relevant checkbox against the document name. Get the photograph and the attached supporting documents attested from an approved authority as specified in form DIN-1. The certifying authority must mention its particulars such as Name, COP No. etc., and affix its seal/ stamp. Complete set of documents is required to be sent to MCA DIN Cell at Noida, by post, courier or hand delivery, as per convenience, within 60 days from the date of generation of provisional DIN online.

Step IV. Processing of DIN application

DIN application is received by MCA DIN Cell. DIN application form and attached supporting documents are scrutinized and if found in order, the provisional DIN is approved and activated in the system. If there is any defect in the DIN application, the provisional DIN is rejected then and there. It takes about a week's time to complete this entire process. DIN approval/ rejection letter is generated and sent by post to the applicant.

Step V.Intimate approved DIN to your Companies

On receiving an approval of DIN, intimate your DIN to all the company (s) (within a period of 30 days from the date of approval) in which you are a Director, in form DIN-2.

Step VI. Company to intimate your DIN to ROC

After the Director has intimated the DIN allotted to the company (s), the Company (s) is/are then required to intimate the DIN of its directors to the ROC in Form DIN-3 within a period of seven days of receiving form DIN-2.

Step VII. Post-approval changes in particulars of DIN-1

In case there is any change in the particulars which are being submitted in form DIN-1, it is required to File form DIN-4 for intimating the changes in the particulars within 30 days.

Things to be taken care of while filling form DIN-1

  • No prefixes like Mr. / Ms. / Kumari / Shri etc. should be used in filling the applicant’s name.
  • Enter the applicant’s name and father’s name in full and do not use abbreviations.
  • The particulars filled in form DIN-1 should match exactly with the details given in the supporting documents to be submitted along with DIN application. Any mismatch will lead to rejection of DIN application.

Application fee for allotment of DIN

A DIN application fee of Rs. 100/- is payable. All you need to do to pay the fees is to log in to MCA portal and click on 'Pay Miscellaneous fee' link under the Services tab. Select 'DIN application fee' option and enter the provisional DIN. Click submit button to make payment using any of the three modes of payment.

Validity of DIN

DIN once obtained is valid for lifetime. The applicant if holding a DIN should not re-apply for another DIN as an individual legally cannot hold more than one DIN at a point of time.

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