Change Business Objective

For MOA Alteration of Company

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Process to Change Business Objective

15 Days

  1. Consultancy

    1 working day

    Our business advisor will guide you through the business objective (MOA)change procedure and documents requirement.

  2. Application Filing

    2-3 working days

    Once you pass a special resolution in the EGM, we will file MGT-14 (on part of the authorised director or company secretary) according to the details provided by you with the Registrar of the Company.

  3. Certificate of Incorporation

    10-12 working days

    ROC will verify all the details mentioned in the application and upon satisfaction, issue a new certificate of incorporation with a new object clause.

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Documents Required for MOA Alteration

Company Detail

Company name and other details are required.

Existing MOA

Existing MOA is required for modification


DSC of existing partners

New Activity

New business activity for alteration

What do you get


An acknowledgement for the same along with new MOA

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Tech Enabled

Filings through Automated Technology

Online Procedure

Submit all your documents online

Fastest Filings

We try to file your Company the same day you submit your documents


We track your company and updated you on all necessary steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Objective Clause Change?

At times, businesses may need to change their goals, aims or objectives. For this, you need to amend the Memorandum of Association as it contains the object clause. The director or company secretary is supposed to file MGT-14 with the ROC to get approval for new business objective.

Is it necessary for the partners to have a DSC?

Yes, for filing the application your DSC will be required. The application will have to be signed by the director or company secretary of the company for which their digital signatures will be used.

What if the company has raised funds from the Public?

In case the company has raised funds by issue of prospectus or have some unutilized funds then it needs to disclose the details along with the passing of a special resolution.

What are the documents to be attached with MGT-14?

Along with MGT-14 scanned copies of the following documents are to be submitted -

  • Certified copy of the special resolution
  • Notice of Extra Ordinary general Meeting (EGM)
  • Explanatory statement for objective clause change
  • Altered Memorandum of Association


What role does the members of the company play in object change?

All the members of the company must give their consent for the change of object clause of the business. For the shareholders who do not agree to objective change can have the chance to exit.

How soon the ROC issues new certificate?

The Registrar will issue new incorporation certificate based on revised objectives of the business within 30 days from the date of filing of the Special Resolution.

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