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For Increase Authorised Share Capital

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Auth Share Capital Increase Process

7 Days

  1. Consultancy

    1 working day

    Our business advisor will guide you through the Increase Authorised Share Capital procedure and documents requirement.

  2. Document Preparation

    2 working days

    Once the company has conducted the required board meeting and extraordinary general meeting for passing the resolution for increasing the authorised share capital. Once the resolution is passed the AOA and MOA of the company can be altered.

  3. Filing Application

    2-3 working days

    After the completion of the documentation the documents are further assessed by CS/CA appointed to you for any further alterations. Once the assessment is completed the e-form for your company will be submitted with MCA with form SH-7.

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Documents Required for Capital Increase

Ordinary Resolution

Previous LLP Agreement is required.

Board resolution for notice of EGM to be held in the company

New LLP Agreement after making changes.

Notice of extraordinary general meeting

Consent or Resolution from partners

Ordinary resolution

LLP incorporation certificate

What do you get

Altered MOA-AOA

Altered MOA and AOA

Shareholder Resolution

Shareholder resolution passed in EGM

Board Resolution

Board resolution for modification in the capital clause

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Online Procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Authorised share Capital?

The maximum amount of capital for which shares for a company are issued by the company shareholder is known as authorised share capital of the company. The authorised capital foe company can be increases and decreased any time after incorporation. The Authorised share capital is listed in the MOA of the company under the head Capital Clause.

What is the minimum authorised share capital requirement for a company?

Authorised share capital of the company amounts to minimum amount of share capital that is issued by the company. The minimum authorised capital that is to be listed in the MOA is Rs 1 lakh.

How can I change Authorised share capital of the company?

Authorised share capital in a company can be changed after passing a resolution in the presence of board of directors. The changes in the authorised capital must be mentioned in the MOA and AOA of the company.

Why is there a need to increase the authorised share capital of the company?

The authorised share capital of the company determines the value and number of shares a company can issue to its shareholders. So when there is need to issue more shares or if they want to induce more capital in the company there is a need to increase the authorised share capital.

Time limit prescribed for filing change of capital?

Company law has prescribed time limit of 30 days to pass the board resolution for increasing the authorised share capital.

Is it necessary to hold a general meeting for changing authorised share capital?

Yes it is mandatory to hold general meeting for changing the authorised share capital.

How can I check the status of my application?

Once the form is submitted with the ROC they provide you with a challan that contains SRN number through which status of your application can be crosschecked.

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