Change Company Address

For Company Address Change Within State

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How long does it take?

15 days

  1. Consultancy

    1 working day

    Our business advisor will guide you through the process for the change of company address with ROC.

  2. Application Filing

    2-3 working days

    Our professional experts will draft the application mentioning the information provided by you and submit the same to the Registrar of Companies.

  3. ROC Confirmation

    7 working days

    The Registrar will verify all the details and change the company address in the records.

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Documents Required

Rent Agreement

Only in case the property is rented

Utility Bills

Latest (electricity, telephone or water bill) or Bank Statement


NOC from the owner of the rented property

Registry Proof

Registry Proof or House Tax Receipts (Notarized) in case the property is purchased

What do you get


change of company address along with challan

Questions? Call us on 011-408-44560

Why Choose QuickCompany

Tech Enabled

Filings through Automated Technology

Online Procedure

Submit all your documents online

Fastest Filings

We try to file your Company the same day you submit your documents


We track your company and updated you on all necessary steps

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you change the address of your company?

There can be various reasons of shifting from one registered office to another. You can shift your office -

  • Within local limits of the city or town
  • Outside local limits of the city or town within the same ROC and state
  • From one ROC to another within the same state
  • From one state to another outside the control of existing ROC


How soon can you inform the ROC about address change?

Once you have decided to change your registered office address the same should be communicated to the Registrar of Companies within 15 days of change.

Is there any fee that I need to pay for Company Address Change?

Yes, if the address change is within the same state then you need to pay Rs. 300 as government fee. In case the change is outside the local limits of the city or town then an additional fee for filing MGT-14 will also be included.

What is the process of company address change?

To change the company address -

  • A board meeting is to be called for all the directors to decide on the shifting of the office address and to conduct an extra ordinary general meeting.
  • Pass a special resolution in the EGM to seek approval from all the members.
  • The authorized director or company secretary has to file the application along with the prescribed fee and documents with the ROC within 15 days of passing the special resolution.
  • ROC will verify all the details of the company and upon satisfaction, add the same in its records.


What documents are required if the property is not taken on lease by the company?

The company will have to submit a proof that it is allowed to use the address as the registered office i.e. a no objection certificate from the owner of the concerned property will be required.

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