Indian Patent and Trademark Office Issues Notice for Corrections

The Indian Patent office has provided an opportunity for registered trademark owners to make any corrections in the trademark certificate until 9th October 2019.

CGPDTM has issued a public notice calling for any rectification in the trademark certificate issued to the applicants. The call for rectification was made after the office received various complaints from the stakeholders regarding the wrong details entered in the certificate.

The trademark office has also issued a specified format as per which the applicants can send their applications to the office.

Time Limit

The time limit for filing for the correction is 30 days of the notice date. This means that the applicants have to file any correction with the trademark office on or before 9th October 2019.

The Requirement

 All the applicants or trademark agents have been called if they have to make any change in the registration certificate. The Trademark office requires the application to be made in a prescribed format only.

The applicants will have to specify the mistakes or changes in the form along with all documentary proof; to make the changes in the mark valid.

Say, for instance, the name of the proprietor in the registration certificate is wrong the applicant has to make sure that along with the application he sends his identity proof and the application number.

The Format


The application for correction is to be addressed  to and keeping the subject line as “Correction in Certificate of Trademark”

Public Notice

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