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Nidhi Company Cost Breakdown

Company Name Search Free
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Government Fees Rs 49,000
Application Filing + Professional Charges Rs 13,600
Service Tax Rs 2399
Stamp duty Extra for States Punjab,Kerala,Madhya Pradesh
Total Cost Rs 64,999

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Documents Required for Nidhi Company Registration


For Directors and Shareholders

PAN Card
Identity Proof (Election ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
Passport Photo
Address Proof (Bank Statement / Mobile Bill / Telephone)

For Registered Company Office

Rent Agreement (Notarised: For rented property)
Property (Director / Relative) - Registry Proof / House Tax Receipts (Notarised)
Latest Electricity Bill
NOC from the owner on the name of any director (Notarised)

Nidhi Ltd Company Information


  Nidhi Company is a Non-Banking Finance Company. Which Deals in lending & borrowing money to/from it's members.
  Core Business of Nidhi Company is to facilitate the Lending & Borrowings of Money to it's core Members.
  It is recognised under Sec - 406 of Companies Act, 2013.
  All Transaction must Comply with the Rules laid down in Chapter XXIV of Company Rules, 2014.
  A few Examples of NIdhi Company can be:-


  • Mutual Funds
  • Mutual Benefits Company
  • Benefits funds
Money back guarantee r

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money minus the Government fees. No questions asked


Procedure for Register a Nidhi Company


1-5 Working Days

Every Member of the Company has to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) which is imperative for filing the company registration documents. You will be required to provide us with a few scanned documents and details; following which, our representatives will fill in the required forms and submit it online.


4-10 Working Days

As soon as the DSC has been applied for, we will get in touch with asking you to pick a name for your company along with a few scanned documents regarding the company and its directors. Once we receive the documents, we will file SPICe i.e. INC-32 along with the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) and upload the PAN & TAN Acknowledgement simentaniously. After the process has been completed, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation with PAN & TAN Number.


15-20 Days

INC 22 should be filed within 30 days of Incorporation Certificate has been Received. For the Registered Office Address updation in MCA record & once it got approved we courier your DSC token with the Hard copy of MOA & AOA to the Registered office of the Company.


How long does it take?

1-3 Working Days
DSC, is a unique ID check USB token for directors and is the first step towards your Company Incorporation
10-15 Days
Govt. can be a little fussy about name selection. We help you choose a good name for your company and file the forms accordingly
35-45 Days
After you name is approved, we file your company. Following that your PAN & TAN application. You get all documents at your Company address.

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Selecting a Company



Public Limited

Nidhi Company

For Raising Capital through Public
(Public Issue)
Finance Deposits & Borrowings
within the Members
Requirements 7 Shareholder & 3 Directors 7 Shareholder & 3 Directors
Mandatory Requirements Have to Make 200 Members
within a Year
Not Such Requirments
Capital Required Raise 10 Lakh Capital within a
No Minimum Capital
Compliances High Low
Tax Advantages Moderate Moderate
Compliance Very High High
Registration Time 15-20 Days 15-20 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nidhi Company?

A company which is incorporated as a non banking, public company. The core object is to cultivate a habit of savings amongst its members, receiving deposits from, and lending to, its members only, for their mutual benefits.

What are the limits of Directors required in Nidhi Company?

A minimum of “three” and maximum “fifteen” directors are required to incorporate a Nidhi Company.

What is the minimum capital contribution required to start a Nidhi Company?

The minimum capital contribution required is Rs. 500000(US $7549 approx) without any upper limit. This money gets deposited in the company’s bank account; the same can be utilised at one’s disposal.

When do my company qualify to become a "Nidhi" company?

After incorporation a public company can qualify to become a Nidhi company, if within one year from the commencement, it meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum of two hundred members (Shareholders)
  • Net Owned Funds (NOF) of ten lakh rupees or more
  • Unencumbered term deposits of not less than ten per cent of the outstanding deposits
  • Ratio of Net Owned Funds to deposits of not more than 1:20


Whats the time duration taken to register a Nidhi company?

It takes about 35-45 working days to register a Nidhi Company.

Your company is in Delhi / NCR based, I am from a different state. Can I still register for Nidhi Company?

Yes, you can register for Nidhi company. Since the entire incorporation process is online, the required documents can be exchanged over the email.

How to choose the name of the Nidhi company?

No, Asset financing is strictly prohibited in the rules laid down for Nidhi company.

  • The name should be unique. It should not be taken already nor should be trademarked.
  • There is no such requirement that the name should be in consensus with the object clause or the activity being carried out.
  • You can keep any name without worrying about rejection.
  • Its mandatory to add Nidhi limited in the end.

What are the documents required to incorporate a Nidhi Company?

The documents requirements are as follows:

  • Pan Card
  • ID proof- Any one (Voter ID / Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport)
  • Address Proof- Any one (Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill / Bank Statement Statement for past three months.)

Q7.Can a Company become a shareholder in Nidhi Limited Company?

Yes, a company being a separate legal entity can become a shareholder in a Nidhi Limited Company.

I am in employment, can I still become the director in Nidhi Company?

Yes, you can become the director in an Nidhi Company, there are no legal restrictions in this regard, but all the salaried employees have to go through their employment agreement to check, if it contains any restrictions on doing so.

What is the validity of Nidhi Company ?

On incorporation, Nidhi Company becomes active and comes in existence as long as the annual compliances are done on a regular basis. Otherwise, the Nidhi Company will become Dormant and is liable to be struck-off from the register after a period of time. On being struck off, the same can be revived for a period of upto 20 years.

Is a Commercial Office required to open a Nidhi company?

No, You can incorporate an Nidhi company with your residential address. There is no mandatory requirement to have a commercial place to open up an OPC.

For Registered Office Address following are required :

  • Rent agreement along with latest rent receipt (in case the premises are rented)
  • House tax receipts (in case premises are owned)
  • Electricity bill
  • NOC from the Owner (Format will be shared once your company name approved)

Can I open an Asset finance company by opening a Nidhi Limited?

No, Asset financing is strictly prohibited in the rules laid down for Nidhi company.