Pvt Ltd Compliance

 for Private Limited / One Person Company Compliance(ROC + ITR)

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Annual Compliance Process

15 Days

  1. Documentation

    3 to 4 Working Day

    The advisor appointed will provide consultation on the documents required to file the complete the compliances with the ROC. The directors or company professionals need to provide the expense details along with complete bank statement of the company.

  2. Board Meeting

    1 Working Day

    The company board needs to hold a board meeting where they need to provide a notice for holding AGM within the given due dates. The AGM must be held after 24 days of the notice provided for the board meeting. The board in such scenario approves

  3. Annual General Meeting

    1 Working Day

    Annual general meeting (AGM) that is held by the investors where the company approves the financial statements and the forms that are to be filed to the ROC. In the meeting auditor and director is also appointed. The company officials need to remember that they need to file ADT-1 for the company within 15 days of the appointment.

  4. Form Filling

    Upto 3 Working Days

    When all the forms and documents are prepared the company professionals need to file the form AOC-4 within 30 days of AGM and MGT-7 that is filling with annual return within 60 days of the application.

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Documents Required for Compliance

PAN Card

PAN for the company and director


DSC of an existing director


Certificate of Incorporation


Memorandum of Association

Sale Purchase

Sale Purchase Report

Bank Statement

Company account statement

What do you get

Directors Report

Financial Statement

AGM Notice

Audit Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Annual filing?

Annual filing for any company incorporated in India is necessary compliance that should be made within the prescribed due dates. The filing of the e-forms must be made with all the mandatory documents.

What is the penalty for not filing an annual return with ROC?

The company that does not complete the annual return with the ROC for a period of time might be considered a defunct company and will be liable to pay a heavy penalty that will depend upon the number days past the due date.

What is the list of forms required for filing Annual return?

The list of forms required for filing Annual return with ROC are:

  • MGT-7 is required for filing the annual return of the company
  • AOC-4 is required to file the company financial statement with ROC

Does a Private Limited company need to be audited?

Yes, audit for a private limited company is necessary every financial year as per the companies’ act 2013.

What are the due dates for filing an annual return?

List of due dates for filing the annual return for any One person Company are:


Due Dates

First Annual General Meeting 31st December
Consecutive Annual General Meetings 30th September
Filing of Financial Statements (AOC-4) Within 30 days of AGM
Filing of Annual Return (MGT-7) Within 60 days of AGM

Who has the authority to sign upon the e-form?

When filing the annual return the private limited company directors must sign all the required documents. The financial statement that has to be signed must be audited and signed by a CA.


Is it necessary for a private limited company to hold AGM?

Yes, Private limited company do have a legal requirement for holding an AGM every year. A private company can simply pass a resolution for its shareholder either at a general meeting or by means of a written resolution.

What are mandatory compliances for a private limited company?

Mandatory Annual compliances for private limited companies are as follows:



Appointment of Auditor Auditor for a company is appointed for a term of 5 years and should be appointed within 1 month of incorporation of a private limited Company.
Annual ROC Filing
  • Annual Returns
  • Financial Statements
Annual return and financial statement for the company must be filed with the ROC within the due dates prescribed
Annual General Meeting AGM for a pvt ltd company must be held every year for approval of the financial statement and for the appointment of an auditor.
Board Meeting Any private limited Company must hold at least one board meeting every quarter. The presence of the director in such a meeting is necessary.
Income Tax Return The company must complete the financial returns that are to be filed every year that must be assessed by company CA.

Who has the responsibility of completing compliances with the ROC?

Director of the company has authority and responsibility to file compliances with ROC or else they are levied with a very heavy penalty and in certain cases may lead to prosecution as well.

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