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For Winding up/ closure of company with ROC

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Company Closure Process

7 Days

  1. Company Review

    2 Working Days

    A company review is conducted by the business advisor wherein activities of your company are checked and if it is ready for winding up or for closure the directors or respective authority is advised about the formalities.

  2. Documentation

    1-2 working day

    Company closure requires due care in the completedocumentation process. And hence an expert (CS/ CA) helps preparing all the attachments for the company for signature and notarization.

  3. Company Closure Application

    1 Hour

    Company closure application is filed with MCA with all the necessary documents and bank account closure certificate and NOC from all the respective regulatory authority.

  4. Status Update

    Upto 3 Months

    Once an application for company closure is filed with the MCA the company status changes after a thorough examination of the documents and attachments filed with ROC.

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Documents Required for Company Closure

Scanned copies of the documents are required with signatures of the authorised personnel that is to be filed with MCA

Statement of Accounts (SOA)

A complete detailed account details of the company


An affidavit by company director separately while filing strike-off with form STK-4

Indemnity Bond

To be filed by every director with STK-3

Bank Closure Certificate

Any bank account with any nationalised or private bank needs to be closed before application

Updated DIN KYC

All the company directors must have updated DIN and DSC with updated KYC with ROC.

What do you get

Free Consultation

Free consultation for company closure eligibility

Company Strike of Notice

Proof for company name removal from MCA database published in the official gazette

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I close a Company

A company can be closed by adopting the following ways: (A) Winding Up (B) Strike Off a Company through Fast Track Exit(FTE)

Why do I Require Company Closure?

Company is considered a legal and separate entity from its director and hence there is a requirement for company closure.

What is ROC requirement for Winding up of the company?

As per ROC the closure of companies is possible only after the company official submit a statement of Accounts, affidavit, indemnity bond and bank closure certificate.

Is my Company eligible for Closure?

Company closure is possible when the company has completed the following requirements:

  • The company has completed all the required compliances
  • Has a bank closure certificate
  • All the company directors have their DIN that is active

What are forms required to complete the Company closure process?

Company closure process requires the applicant to submit form STK-2, STK-3 and STK-4 with ROC along with the application for closure or winding up of the company.

What is the time taken to complete the company closure process?

The complete company closure process takes about more than 7 months after which you will receive notice of strike of by the respective ROC.

What all documents are required for closure of the company?

Documents required for closure of the company are:

  • Application for strike off of the Company
  • Company board resolution for closure
  • Consent of director’s Affidavit
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Statement of Assets and liabilities

What is the time limit to file closure documents?

The forms and documents are to be filed with ROC within 30 days of obtaining and signing of the statement of assets and liabilities.

How to check if my company is eligible for the closure of company?

Any company which is not a section 8 company and has remained inoperative for more than 1 year from the date of its incorporation can apply for closure of company on a condition that all the company compliances are completed at the time of closure of the company.