What information do you get?

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A list of identical names

A list of identical or similar names to the proposed company will be displayed.

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Company Information

You will get the complete company's information which contains the CIN Number, Company Status, Date of incorporation, registration state, company category, class of company and listing status.

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Company Network

A complete network of the company including its directors and other companies in which they hold the directorship.

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Company Directors

A list of directors stating the complete information like name of the company, appointment date, state and status of the company.

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Company's Trademark

List of trademarks applied under the name of the company

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Company Charges

Information related to the charges if any.

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Company Documents

A list of company documents filed with the MCA; you can buy at the minimal charges.

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Company Events

Updated list of company's events over the year

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Contact Information

Get the contact details of the company free of cost by simply signing up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start the company research?

You have several platforms to perform the online company search database to get the complete company information. QuickCompany search bar and MCA data are the most commonly used platform for free company search. But the best place to start is the QuickCompany search bar. It provides complete company information and updates for all the events happening in the company over the year.

What is the need to perform a Company Name Search?

The Company Name Search will help you for making an authentic decision for many purposes. You can determine the availability of the name you want to register for your company. The company information you obtain through the company search will give you an insight of the management which will be helpful for making a well-informed decision.

What are the areas I can consider while analysing the company data?

Once you find the concrete information of the company, the following areas are good to begin with:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Has the company been profitable over the past few years?
  • Is any charge has been created in the name of the company?

What information is available on every company data record?

Company data search includes the following data:

  • Company basic information
  • Company network
  • Contact information
  • Directors
  • Company Charges
  • Documents
  • Events, i.e. any activity happened over the year

How reliable is the company document list on your site? In how much time would I receive the ordered documents?

All the company documents on our website are reliable as they are no difference between the documents available at MCA and Quick Company. The delivery time of the ordered documents depends on the number of the documents of the company.

Generally, the delivery time may vary between 1 hour to 3 hours, after the order has been placed.

Do I need to know the CIN of the company for Company search?

To perform a company data search, there is no need to know the CIN of the company. You have to type the name of the company in the company data search bar and you will get the list of the similar names as a result. You can also narrow the scope of the search by using the filters.