Ulassy E Retail Llp

As on 14 August 2019

Ulassy E Retail Llp incorporated with MCA on 13 August 2019. The Ulassy E Retail Llp is listed in the class of company and classified as NA. This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Chandigarh with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs. 0 and its paid up capital is 0.

Ulassy E Retail Llp's last Annual General Meeting(AGM) was held on NA, and date of latest balance sheet available from Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) is NA.

The company has 2 directors/key management personal Mandhotra Joy and Garg Ishan Ulassy E Retail Llp company registration number is and its Corporate Identification Number(CIN) provided from MCA is AAQ-2419.

Ulassy E Retail Llp company's registered office address is 5307/1, Modern Housing Complex Manimajra Chandigarh Chandigarh Ch 160101 In. Find other contact information for Ulassy E Retail Llp such as Email, Website and more below.

The company has reportedly 0 charges associated and 0 documents available for download.

Current status of Ulassy E Retail Llp company is Active.

Company Information

CIN AAQ-2419
Company Status Active
Date of Incorporation 13 August 2019
Registration State Chandigarh
Partners 0
Designated Partners 2
Company Category Limited Liability Partnership
Listing status Unlisted

Company Financials

  • Balance Sheet
  • Paid Up Capital
  • Reserves Surplus
  • Expenses
  • Finance Costs
  • Profit before Tax
  • Board
  • Assignments
  • Director Change
  • Board Meetings
  • Trade Payables
  • Investments

Contact Information

Mandhotra Joy

is associated with no other company

Garg Ishan

is associated with no other company

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When was the Ulassy e retail llp incorporated?

The Ulassy e retail llp was incorporated with ROC on 13 August 2019 as .

What is the registered address of the Ulassy e retail llp?

Registered address of the company is 5307/1, modern housing complex manimajra chandigarh chandigarh ch 160101 in.

Where has the Ulassy e retail llp been incorporated?

The company was incorporated in Chandigarh with registration number .

What is the E-filing status of the company?

The status of Ulassy e retail llp is Active.

Number of Key Management personnel of the Ulassy e retail llp?

The company has 2 key management personnel in the company.

Who are the directors of the Ulassy e retail llp?

The appointed directors in the company are:

  • Mandhotra joy
  • Garg ishan

Which ROC was the Ulassy e retail llp registered to?

The company is registered with RoC-Chandigarh.


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  • Profit and Loss
  • Board Meetings
  • Govt Documents

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