A Server A System A Method A Computer Program And A Computer Program Product For Accessing A Server In A Computer Network

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Application ID 9430/DELNP/2013
Inventors Robinson Julien 51 Avenue Raymond Croland F 92350 Le Plessis Robinson

Stan Johann 47 Rue D Sir Claude Apt. 607 F 42100 Saint Etienne

Natarianni Lionel 68 Rue Fran Ois Rolland F 94130 Nogent Sur Marne

Invention Field Communication
Date of Application 2013-10-31
Publication Number 51/2014
Publication Type INA
Ipc Classification H04L29/06
International Application No PCT/EP2012/055447
International Filing Date 2012-03-28
Priority Date
Examination Date 2013-10-31


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