Zone & Zone


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Trademark Information

Application ID 1443020
Status Registered
Date of Application 07 April 2006
Class(es) 24
Type Device
Registration State Maharashtra
Country India
Published Journal 1373

Image (DEVICE)

Zone & Zone Device mark 1443020 Trademark


Jai Siyaram Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application date as per IP India website?

As per IP India data the trademark was applied on 07 April 2006.

Who has filed the trademark application with the TMO?

Jai Siyaram Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd applied for Zone & zone.

What is the listed class of the Zone & zone with IP India?

Listed class of trademark Zone & zone is 24.

As per IP india what is the stage of trademark application?

Zone & zone is on the Registered stage of the trademark process.

What is the Serial number provided by the trademark data?

Serial Number provided to trademark application is 1443020

How is the Zone & zone categorized?

The trademark is categorized as DEVICE.