Dev. Of Cartoon

As on 17 July 2019

Dev. Of Cartoon is a Device Trademark filed on 18 January 1971 in Maharashtra through Mumbai IP Office.

The Trademark was registered to Apar Limited Body Incorporate and is valid till 18 January 2026.


Application ID 269491
Status Registered
Date of Application 18 January 1971
Class(es) 4
Type Device
Registration State Maharashtra
Country India
Published Trademark Journal 543
Details Industrial Oils And Greases (Other Than Edible Oils And Fats And Essential Oils) , Transformer Oils.

Trademark Proprietor

Apar Limited

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What is the trademark's application date?

Trademark was applied on 18 January 1971 with IP India.

Who applied for the trademark?

Proprietor of Dev. of cartoon is Apar Limited Body Incorporate.

What is the class of the trademark application?

Class(es) in which the trademark was applied to is 4.

On what stage is the trademark application?

Status of Dev. of cartoon is Registered.

What is the application number allotted to trademark?

Application number alloted to the trademark is 269491.

In which category has the Trademark been filed/registered?

Trademark has been filed in the following category:

Trademark Documents
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TM Type


TM Status


Trademark Registration

Rs 6,299/-
Trademark Registration