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Trademark Information

Application ID 4013990
Status Refused
Date of Application 30 November 2018
Class(es) 5
Type Device
Registration State Madhya Pradesh
Country India
Details [CLASS : 5] Herbal dietary supplements , Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines , Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations; dietetic substances adapted for medical use , food for babies , plasters , materials for dressings , material for stopping teeth , dental wax , disinfectants , preparations for destroying vermin , fungicides & herbicides, Air fresheners , Balms for medical purposes,Insect repellents, Lotions for pharmaceutical purposes, Menthol , Microorganism , Biocides , Candy for medical purposes , Capsule for medicines , mouthwash for medical purpose , mineral food supplements , Chewing gum for medical purpose , Cigarettes (Tobacco- free -) for medical purpose , confectionary , medicated , pectin for pharmaceutical purpose , Dandruff Pharmaceutical , detergent for medical purpose , diabetic bread , Digestive for pharmaceutical purpose , reducing tea for medical purpose , remedies for preparations , sanitary napkin , sedatives , Drinks (Medicals) , Enzyme Preparations for veterinary purpose , fennel for medical purpose , fiber (edible plant ) , skin care ( Pharmaceutical Preparations for ) .

Image (DEVICE)

Livnatural Device mark 4013990 Trademark


Abhay Gupta Single Firm


Dp Soni

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application date as per IP India website?

As per IP India data the trademark was applied on 30 November 2018.

Who has filed the trademark application with the TMO?

Abhay Gupta Single Firm applied for Livnatural.

What is the listed class of the Livnatural with IP India?

Listed class of trademark Livnatural is 5.

As per IP india what is the stage of trademark application?

Livnatural is on the Refused stage of the trademark process.

What is the Serial number provided by the trademark data?

Serial Number provided to trademark application is 4013990

Who filed the trademark on behalf of the proprietor?

Trademark application was filed by the following attorney agent:
Dp Soni

How is the Livnatural categorized?

The trademark is categorized as DEVICE.