Greenply Club 500


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Trademark Information

Application ID 5972003
Status Marked for Exam
Date of Application 08 June 2023
Class(es) 19
Type Device
Registration State West Bengal
Country India
Details [CLASS : 19] Building Material (Non-Metallic), Veneered Board, Plain Particle Board, Medium Density Fiber-board (MDF), High Density Fiber-board (HDF), Plywood, Laminated Plywood, Veneer, Natural Veneer, Laminates of all kinds, High Pressure Laminates, Decorative Laminates, Industrial Laminates, Laminated Sheets, Veneer Sheet, Veneered Ply, Veneer Panel, Decorative Plywood, Decorative Veneer, Block Board, Flush Door, Veneered Doors, Laminated Doors, Veneered Flooring, Laminated Flooring, Wooden Flooring, Veneer for Floors, Pre-laminated MDF, Pre-Laminated HDF, Pre-Laminated Particle Board, Veneered MDF, Veneered HDF, Teak Veneer, Engineered Veneer.

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Greenply Club 500 Device mark 5972003 Trademark


Greenply Industries Limited


Trade Mark Registration Bureau

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the trademark applied?

The application for Greenply club 500 was made on 08 June 2023.

Who is the applicant for Greenply club 500?

The trademark applicant for Greenply club 500 is Greenply Industries Limited.

In what class is the trademark applied to?

Greenply club 500 is applied in class(es) "19".

What is the status of the trademark application?

Application for Greenply club 500 is on Marked for Exam stage.

What is the application ID of the trademark?

Application Id allotted to Greenply club 500 is 5972003.

Who is the trademark agent or attorney?

Trademark agent or attorney for the application is Trade Mark Registration Bureau.

What is the type of trademark application?

Greenply club 500 filed with the Intellectual property office as a DEVICE.