Exclusions under the Design Act

The Design acts does not permit the following elements to be registered

  • The printed documents & files like books, calendars, certificates, forms-and other documents, dressmaking patterns, greeting
  • cards, leaflets, medals and postcard, plan cards, stamps.
  • Cartoons, labels, tokens, cards.
  • It does not include any process, principle or mode of construction of an article.
  • Any kind of mechanical fabrication.
  • Architectural constructions like buildings and structures.
  • Variations commonly used in the trade.
  • Parts of articles not manufactured and sold separately
  • Workshop alterations of components of an Assembly.
  • Similar article with small change in size of article.
  • It cannot include flags, emblems or signs of any country.
  • It also excludes any kind of layout designs of integrated circuits.

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